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How does it work?

The course is taught by a tutor just as it would be in a classroom. In fact, our virtual classroom tutors are the same tutors who facilitate our face to face training. Students join remotely using a PC, laptop or tablet and download the relevant software in advance to gain entry. Students can see and interact with the tutor and with each other throughout the course. PowerPoint slides, videos and whiteboard are all fully visible, with tutors able to switch seamlessly between any of these media.

Is Virtual Classroom suitable for you?

Some people want the structured support that a tutor provides but just don’t have the time to attend classroom sessions. Virtual classroom training is aimed at these sorts of people. Although the channel might be different the content is exactly the same as the classroom versions. Not only that but the tutors are on hand throughout the course to help and advise.

We are currently offering virtual classroom for the following courses.