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    Championing fire door safety best practice

    Specifying fire doors that have undergone independent third-party certification provides reassurance the door will perform as stated in the event of a fire, when correctly installed and maintained, and ensures compliance with fire door regulations to protect lives and property.

    By Kevin Underwood, British Woodworking Federation on 10 July 2024

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    Fire safety: the benefits of using certificated providers

    Employers often need to call on external providers to carry out and implement fire safety risk assessments, and using providers certificated by a recognised third-party certification body will provide confidence that the company or person has the necessary competence for the work.

    By Ken Bullock, BAFE Fire Safety Register on 03 July 2024

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    Competence, organisational capability and the Golden Thread – a Building Safety Act assurance maturity journey

    Even with the Building Safety Act 2022 having passed its second birthday, many of the requirements have not quite reached maturity.

    By Sofie Hooper, IWFM, and Anthony Taylor, Resolve Risk Ltd on 03 July 2024

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    Lithium-ion batteries: a growing fire risk

    Lithium-ion batteries used to power equipment such as e-bikes and electric vehicles are increasingly linked to serious fires in workplaces and residential buildings, so it’s essential those in charge of such environments assess and control the risks.

    By Matt Humby, Firechief® Global on 28 June 2024

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    Electrical installations in hazardous areas: why effective commissioning, installation and inspection are crucial

    Machinery designed specifically for potentially explosive atmospheres will contain sparks that could trigger a fire or explosion. It’s essential it undergoes an independent inspection prior to initial use, in case the installer compromises the manufacturer’s design, invalidating the equipment and creating a potentially dangerous situation.

    By Ian Wright, TÜV SÜD on 28 June 2024

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    Fire safety: top tips for landlords and building managers

    Those responsible for workplaces, public buildings and multi-occupied residential premises have a variety of duties aimed at protecting the occupants from fire, and good communication with those at risk is crucial to ensuring the dangers are properly managed.

    By Phil Jones, William Martin on 27 June 2024

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    A golden era of safety: 50 years of the Health and Safety at Work Act

    As the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 turns 50 on 31 July, the world of work, both now and in the future, looks markedly different to when this ground-breaking piece of legislation was enacted. Yet, the Act has stood the test of time and its principles remain as relevant now as they did in the summer of ’74 – unlike some of the haircuts from that time.

    By Kerry Reals on 27 June 2024

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    Why good indoor environmental quality can enhance wellbeing

    Research suggests good indoor environmental quality can enhance the health, wellbeing and productivity of a building’s occupants, so it’s essential for building owners to improve areas like indoor air quality, temperature, lighting and acoustics.

    By Dr Andy Dengel, BRE on 10 June 2024

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    Sustainable procurement: a win-win for business and the environment

    Implementing sustainable procurement not only protects the environment by conserving natural resources and reducing carbon emissions associated with the production, use and end-of-life of the product or service, it can also reap financial and reputational benefits for the purchasing company.

    By Dr Keith Whitehead C.Env on 04 June 2024

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    The five business risks of the Type 2 diabetes epidemic

    Diabetes can pose significant risks to health and safety and the health of those with the condition, so it’s essential to create a supportive working environment that allows staff to properly manage their diabetes without fear their work performance will be questioned.

    By Kate Walker, The Diabetes Safety Organisation on 30 May 2024