Epilepsy Purple Squiggles iStock ThitareeSarmkasat

    Employing people with epilepsy: nothing to fear

    Although businesses may be fearful about employing someone with epilepsy due to concerns about safety risks if they experience a seizure, the risks can often be managed through approaches like adjustments to working patterns and ensuring colleagues know what to do if a worker has a seizure.

    By Grace Wood, Epilepsy Action on 29 February 2024

    Nail in Shoe

    Running into problems with safety footwear

    Tests show a significant amount of safety footwear on the UK market does not perform as advertised, potentially putting workers at risk of serious injury, but there is a quick way to check the products you purchase meet the required standard.

    By Alan Murray, BSIF on 20 February 2024

    Man Falls Off Stepladder iStock/Halfpoint

    No Falls Week, 13–17 May: a powerful campaign to promote safe working at height

    Businesses that require employees to work at height are urged to take part in a new week-long campaign aimed at educating everyone at work about the terrible consequences of falls from height and how to prevent them.

    By Hannah Williams, No Falls Foundation on 15 February 2024

    uvex blue gloves bamboo

    Purchasing PPE: why sustainability data is becoming crucial

    With businesses increasingly keen to minimise their carbon footprint by selecting materials and products with the lowest carbon emissions, PPE specialist uvex has started offering data on the amount of greenhouse gases its products generate.

    By Verena Keller, uvex on 09 February 2024

    Modern Slavery Hands Tied iStock/NadyaPhoto

    A call to arms to tackle a modern day human tragedy

    Millions of people globally are trapped in forms of modern slavery such as bonded labour, but businesses can play a vital role in confining the practice to the history books, once and for all.

    By Dr Julie Riggs on 31 January 2024

    Don Aers PASMA

    Getting down to basics: 5 fundamentals of tower safety

    Although big improvements have been made in ensuring the safe use of mobile access towers over the years, accidents still happen, so it’s essential users always follow some key precautions to prevent potentially serious falls and other dangers.

    By Don Aers, PASMA on 05 February 2024

    Dylan Skelhorn Safety Up 1

    Falls from height: it’s time we stopped them

    I suffered a devastating but entirely preventable fall from height accident, and I believe it’s within the power of all employers and workers to do much more to prevent them.

    By Dylan Skelhorn, Safety Up on 31 January 2024

    Cold light of day 1

    In the cold light of day

    Sunlight is good for our health and wellbeing even during winter. It’s important that we harness its benefits.

    By Belinda Liversedge on 30 January 2024

    Culture of Collaboration 1

    How building a culture of collaboration and transparency is making powered access safer

    Global reporting of accidents and near misses when using powered access equipment for temporary work at height is helping to inform campaigns, guidance and training from the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF), aimed at making the equipment safer to use than ever.

    By Brian Parker, IPAF on 30 January 2024

    Warehouse Palletline

    Palletline: how we minimise risks on the road and in our depots

    Palletised freight distribution leader Palletline strives to ensure the highest standards of safety in both its own operations and within the haulage companies that operate as members of the Palletline network across the UK and Ireland.

    By Ken Bell, Palletline on 14 November 2023