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    The impact of AI on health and safety prosecutions and sentencing

    From undertaking hazardous activities, to identifying and predicting risk, to continuous monitoring, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to bring about significant change in workplace health and safety, but not without associated implications for prosecution and sentencing.

    By Laura White and Sasha Jackson, Pinsent Masons on 12 June 2024

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    Clean indoor air in public buildings: can this be achieved?

    Despite decades of effort by many experts and a large body of evidence about the scale of the problem, the topic of indoor air quality (IAQ) in public buildings has attracted little attention beyond readers of professional journals where papers on indoor air pollution and its impacts are published. The Covid-19 pandemic changed this.

    By Professor Lidia Morawska, Queensland University of Technology on 12 June 2024

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    Improving air quality, now and in the future

    As a member of the Healthy Air Coalition, CIEH has argued for the UK Government and devolved nations to adopt more ambitious air quality targets that meet WHO air quality guidelines, and implement a holistic regulatory framework that supports local authorities with the capacity to enforce air quality targets.

    By Matthew Clark, CIEH on 10 June 2024

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    How to keep workers safe in an increasingly hot United Kingdom

    The world is getting hotter, and heatwaves are becoming more frequent and more severe. Recent projections say 2024 is set to be the warmest year yet. As the summer of 2022 demonstrated, despite its reputation for cold and rain, the UK is not immune from these bouts of extremely hot weather.

    By Dr Radhika Khosla, Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment on 07 June 2024

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    Climate change and worker safety and health: the time to act is now

    Climate change is changing everything. It is already posing a serious threat to the safety and health of workers in all regions of the world. Workers across different sectors are exposed to climate change-related hazards, with outdoor workers at particular risk as they carry out heavy labour in hot climates.

    By International Labour Organization (ILO) on 07 June 2024

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    Key steps along the pathway to reducing air pollution from road transport

    Having long campaigned on the dangers of air pollution, and as chairman of the Westminster Commission for Road Air Quality (WCRAQ) and vice chair of the APPG (All Party Parliamentary Group) on Air Pollution, it’s clear to me that there are a number of necessary steps that the UK Government and institutions need to take in order to tackle the increasingly urgent issue of air pollution from road transport.

    By Barry Sheerman on 05 June 2024

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    Turning the dial on climate change adaptation

    Public and private sector organisations should be taking action to adapt to current and future impacts of extreme weather changes caused by climate change, and an IEMA toolkit provides practical advice on getting started.

    By Chloë Fiddy, IEMA on 04 June 2024

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    A historic moment, in more ways than one

    Now that electioneering is well and truly underway in the UK, in the run up to 4 July, I know it may be the last thing you want to hear more about. But given the polls and the lively nature of the debate so far, this has the potential to be one of the more historic and memorable elections.

    By Mike Robinson FCA on 03 June 2024

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    The simple steps we can take to stem the hidden danger of indoor air pollution

    It’s a simple, obvious truth: the cleaner the air we breathe, the healthier we are. Yet, most of us are inhaling pollution out in the streets as well as in the safety of our homes, offices, schools, hospitals and other buildings – without realising the damage it is causing to our health, nor that there are quick, easy solutions to clean the air and strengthen the health of our communities.

    By Rosamund Adoo-Kissi-Debrah CBE, Ella Roberta Foundation on 30 May 2024

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    Why our world needs safety more than ever

    Our safety, in every sense of the word, is very much in the news right now. Whether it’s wars in Europe or the Middle East, threats from terrorism or rogue states, the need to keep children safe online, or violence faced by shop keepers, the numbers and level of threats to our safety seem to rise exponentially every day.

    By Mike Robinson FCA, British Safety Council on 30 April 2024