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    Case studies: how excellent management of occupational road risk pays dividends

    Safety & Health Excellence Awards this year had a brand-new category: Best Driver Risk Management Performance. It was sponsored by National Highways, through its Driving for Better Business programme.

    By Driving for Better Business on 09 November 2023

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    Navigating the changing fleet risk landscape

    Although there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution to managing work-related road risk, it’s crucial that businesses have an evolving and proactive fleet safety strategy that keeps abreast of changes in legislation, is implemented from the top down and targets continuous improvement.

    By Nigel Lawrence, Applied Driving on 08 November 2023

    Road Into Sea Photograph By David Wales

    Driving for work: always quantify the risk

    By carefully assessing factors such as the type of vehicles used for work purposes, drivers’ attitudes to road safety and data from vehicle telematics, employers can target their driver training to maximise the chance of reducing the risk of collisions and eliminating the danger their drivers pose to other road users.

    By Nick Butler, Drivetech on 08 November 2023

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    Staying safe on the road

    Everyone in a business can play a vital role in minimising the risk from at-work driving, but this message will quickly become lost unless directors and managers are genuinely committed to improving road safety and always set a good example when it comes to driver safety.

    By Simon Turner, Driving for Better Business on 06 November 2023

    Safety Shield Global AI Human Form Recognition Safety System

    Can AI eliminate workplace collisions?

    AI technology is now being deployed to immediately warn mobile plant operators on construction sites of the presence of pedestrians, therefore adding a new layer to transport safety.

    By Jonathan Guest, Safety Shield Group on 06 November 2023

    AI Dashcam 1 V2 Credit Inseego

    Fleet and video telematics: why prevention is now key

    Advances in fleet and video telematics, increasingly powered by AI and machine vision, are making it much easier and quicker to spot, correct and therefore prevent unsafe driver behaviour, like speeding.

    By Steve Thomas, Inseego UK Ltd on 06 November 2023

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    Safety behind the spectacle: backstage at the Royal Opera House

    A behind the scenes tour of the Royal Opera House, the iconic building in London’s Covent Garden, was organised by the Women in Health and Safety network. For Safety Management, it was a chance to see what goes into making those magical moments on stage.

    By Belinda Liversedge on 06 November 2023

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    Beating the bullies: why a risk management approach is vital

    Workplace bullying and harassment can have a devastating effect on an employee’s mental and physical wellbeing, but many employers make the mistake of simply reacting to complaints as they arise, rather than focusing on cultural and organisational changes that will prevent bullying in the first place.

    By Nicki Eyre, Conduct Change on 09 October 2023

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    Righting wrongs: tackling construction’s suicide epidemic

    Male construction workers in the UK are three times more likely to die by suicide than the national average, but creating an environment where workers feel comfortable talking about mental health and better project planning at the pre-construction stage to reduce time pressures on the workforce can help protect workers’ mental wellbeing.

    By Nicola Hodkinson, Seddon Construction on 02 October 2023

    Man Drinking Photograph Mind Leigh Anderson

    Why it’s important to support mental health, wellbeing and stress prevention at work

    Preventing stress at work and supporting employees’ mental wellbeing reaps benefits for workers and employers alike, and there’s a wealth of free advice and tools available to help you get started.

    By Ashleeka Mandil, Mental Health and Productivity Pilot on 05 October 2023