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This short course is suitable for anyone who wishes to improve their awareness of environmental sustainability.

The course highlights the environmental impact of individuals and businesses, and outlines some of the ways in which impact can be reduced. It focuses particularly on energy use, water use, waste and transport.

The course is followed by a multiple-choice examination which leads to a certificate, confirming your knowledge and understanding of environmental sustainability principles.

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Available on your system via SCORM

Course overview

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the qualification, learners will: 

  • Understand the basic concepts of sustainability.
  • Understand the importance of natural resources.
  • Understand the global environmental impact of agriculture and industry and how this impact might be reduced.
  • Understand the benefits of sustainable communities.


 30-question online multiple choice examination

Study methods and booking

Digital Learning

If you can’t find time in your busy schedule to attend a classroom course, then online training is the answer.

Why digital learning?

  • Study wherever and whenever suits you
  • Perfect for people with busy lives
  • Most cost-effective way to study


  • Paul Nowell image

    "The course is insightful and highly interactive for the user and will certainly make anyone new to environmental awareness take a more proactive and balanced approach to actions that they take while in the workplace."

    Paul Nowell Health, Safety & Compliance, Sigma