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There are many approaches to better wellbeing in the workplace, and it is most definitely not just a case of offering 'free fruit'. See below some practical tips for wellbeing in the workplace.


Workers’ wellbeing is fundamentally linked to job quality. Employers must recognise that popular health promotion initiatives (e.g. free fruit, company health insurance), which traditionally represent ‘workplace wellbeing’, can only be beneficial when the quality of the work itself takes precedence. Alongside a safe and healthy working environment, fair wages, relationships with managers and colleagues, job design, degree of responsibility and authority, workload, working hours, and career development are vital components of workers’ wellbeing.


Employers should invest in workplace health and wellbeing to create better working lives, better work performance, reduced staff turnover and increased productivity.


The leadership of health and wellbeing must come from the highest level. Senior leaders of all organisations should ensure that a health and wellbeing strategy linked to corporate objectives is established, and actively drive its effective implementation.


Workers must be given the opportunity to participate fully in the creation and development of initiatives designed to improve their own health and wellbeing. Beyond staff surveys, effective dialogue, consultation and workers’ involvement will help to ensure that wellbeing interventions meet the needs of employees, while at the same time increasing levels of engagement.


All line managers must be appropriately trained in mental health awareness and the relevant support mechanisms, so they have the confidence to communicate with employees with care and sensitivity.


Organisations should evaluate the impact and efficiency of their health and wellbeing interventions on a regular basis, to ensure they adapt and respond to the changing needs of their workers.

Some helpful videos

As well as an organisational approach to improving wellbeing through its Being Well Together programme, British Safety Council has also produced a series of video exercises to boost people’s wellbeing. Covering both physical and mental wellbeing, these exercises can help reduce racing thoughts associated with stress and anxiety and discourage prolonged sitting.

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