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This short online course is for all employees and teaches them how to manage slip and trip hazards in the workplace and reduce the risk of injury.

The course takes 20-30 minutes and includes a range of e-Learning interactions and knowledge checks. Learners are encouraged to think about policies and procedures in their own workplace and must pass a short multiple-choice assessment to complete the course.

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Available on your system via SCORM

Course overview


Avoiding Slips and Trips is divided into three interactive modules:

Module 1 – Learners explore what people think about slips and trips and discover just how serious they can be.

Module 2 – Learners take a tour of a virtual workplace, identify slip and trip hazards and fix them as they go.

Module 3 – Learners discover what employers and employees can do to prevent slips and trips. This includes practical solutions for a number of common workplace hazards.


Learners must pass a short multiple-choice assessment to complete the course.

Study methods and booking

Digital Learning

If you can’t find time in your busy schedule to attend a classroom course, then online training is the answer.

Why digital learning?

  • Study wherever and whenever suits you
  • Perfect for people with busy lives
  • Most cost-effective way to study