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Claire Burgess provided insight on what informs an overall strategy and discussing how she works with the various Unipart sites to tailor that strategy to various workplaces. For Claire, communication and relevance are key to building trust and engagement with your workforce.

Great insights from Neil Pinnell on how wellbeing works on the shop floor and how collating feedback directly from employees helped him evoke trust during COVID. Thank you for providing insight on what he did to help employees feel safe and supported during tough times.

Dr Shaun Davis for discussed how he stitches a variety of data together to create a company strategy that can be interpreted by workplaces in different countries. Shaun illustrated the importance of being flexible as a one size fits all approach doesn't work for an international company.

Some key takeaways from the session:
• Help people help themselves in a way that works for them.
• Communicate with different groups of people in a way that works for them on topics that are relevant.
• Listening to people's needs is integral to creating a wellbeing programme that adds value for employees.
• Over communication can create problems too, it's a balancing act of asking the right questions at the right time.
• Taking the formality out of conversations builds relationships and trust between employees.
• People are at the heart of wellbeing. Ask them what they want, don't give them what they get.
• As a wellbeing professional, networking and asking for feedback from others can be incredibly useful to find out if your strategy actually works. Don't mark your own homework!
• Be brave, try things, it's ok if it doesn't work - you're still making progress.