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The course includes a workstation self-assessment allowing the user to report any concerns they have with their own workstation.

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This short online course is for all display screen equipment (DSE) users and teaches them how to correctly set up and use their workstations.

It includes a DSE self-assessment to help employers meet their legal duty to assess DSE workstations. The course takes 20-30 minutes and includes a range of e-Learning interactions and knowledge checks. It allows DSE users to assess and resolve any concerns with the set-up of their workstation.

Users must pass a short multiple-choice test to complete the course. You and the user will receive a personalised DSE self-assessment report to download or print.


Available on your system via SCORM

Course overview

  • Workstation ergonomics
  • Workstation ergonomics
  • Ill-health effects of incorrect DSE use
  • Adjusting your chair
  • Desk ergonomics
  • Adjusting your screen/monitor
  • Eye care
  • Correct use of a keyboard, mouse and telephone
  • Additional equipment (wrist rest, document holders, etc.)
  • Laptop use.

Learners must pass a short multiple-choice assessment to complete the course.

Frequently asked questions

How often should you complete a DSE assessment?

Display screen equipment (DSE) assessment training should be carried out by new employees and a refresher completed by all employees at least every 12 months, or if there are any changes to desk set up.

Why should you complete a display screen equipment DSE assessment?

It is important that all users of DSE complete an assessment of their work for users to assess and resolve any concerns with the set-up of their workstation. Incorrect DSE set up causes both short term and long term issues, from decrease productivity to physiological issues such as shoulder and back pain and headaches.

Who needs a DSE assessment?

Anyone who uses a computer to complete their work should complete DSE training.

Study methods and booking

Digital Learning

If you can’t find time in your busy schedule to attend a classroom course, then online training is the answer.

Why digital learning?

  • Study wherever and whenever suits you
  • Perfect for people with busy lives
  • Most cost-effective way to study