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The COVID pandemic has shined a light on the wellbeing of UK workers. Many people have suffered from increased stress, debt, and loneliness.

Many employers are not sure how best to deal with this, or manage wellbeing properly - the gap between good and poor approaches is huge – so, this matters more than ever.

That’s why British Safety Council launched its Keep Thriving campaign; to help improve the wellbeing of workers, within and outside of the workplace, so that all of us can thrive.


As part of eight key calls to action, the Keep Thriving campaign is asking organisations and businesses to commit to:

  • Appoint an executive director responsible for wellbeing, acting as a sponsor driving change
  • Actively engage employees in determining workplace wellbeing interventions that work for them
  • Adopt a holistic approach to health, safety and wellbeing, focused on training people to enable prevention and avoid poor wellbeing.

We have published a Keep Thriving Manifesto, which sets out our aims in more detail, as well as a Wellbeing Positioning Paper showing why better wellbeing matters. Find out how British Safety Council can help your organisation through its Being Well Together programme.


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    Wellbeing Position Paper

    Read our wellbeing position paper.

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    Wellbeing Theory of change

    Read our Wellbeing Theory of change.

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    Keep Thriving Manifesto

    Read our Keep Thriving Manifesto.

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    Practical Tips for Wellbeing in the Workplace

    Read more about how to encourage better wellbeing at work.

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