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Become a Member (UK)

The British Safety Council is the largest corporate health and safety membership organisation. We work alongside our members to achieve the vision that no-one should be injured or made ill at work.

For the past 60 years, we have helped thousands of businesses - ranging from small independent start-ups to large multinational corporations – manage their HSE provision.

The British Safety Council membership will give you immediate access to information, expert advice, and practical resources to help you manage risk in ways that are sensible and proportionate for your business.

You will have access to the latest expert guidance and information through our comprehensive conference programme, webinars, sector interest groups and much more. Scroll down to buy your membership today. 

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Why choose the British Safety Council?

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    Show your commitment to HSE provision, with a membership certificate and members’ logo

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    Stay informed and up-to-date via our Safety Management magazine, newsletters and e-alerts

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    Practical tools and authoritative resources to save you time, including Safety Network and 24/7 information service

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    100 free e-learning places on our new General Health, Safety and Environmental Awareness online course

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    Customise your membership package to suit your needs with multi-year and multi-site available


Keep up-to-date

  • Safety Management daily news updates and exclusive access to articles, monthly magazine, e-newsletter
  • Access to legislative updates and latest industry news.

Network and share best practice

Once you have become a member why not: 

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    Join a sector interest group or talk to us about creating a new one

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    Follow us on social media and join our active LinkedIn group

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    Maintain CPD at our UK and international conferences and seminars

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    Invite our experts to speak at your platforms

Build your reputation

  • Display your membership certificate and demonstrate your commitment to excellence
  • Use your membership logo on marketing materials and tender documents
  • Take advantage of free templates to add value to your health, safety and environmental programmes.
“We joined as a member because it is a source of information and support, and because it is a means of demonstrating our commitment to health and safety.”
Paul Haxell, Safety and Environment Director, Bovis Homes Ltd / Group Health, UK.

Save money

Be part of a global community

  • Have your views represented in our policy activities, including government consultations
  • Sign up to our manifesto.

Join us now

Become a member and join our global community of organisations supporting our vision that no-one should be injured or made ill at work.

You can choose from full membership packages for one, two or three years which includes the Information and Advice and Tools and Templates packages. You can also customise your membership package. Learn how below.

Full membership

In addition to the main benefits of becoming a member, you can gain even more helpful information by taking full membership.

Full Membership (UK) one year

Full Membership (UK) one year


£400.00(exc. VAT)

Full Membership (UK) two years

Full Membership (UK) two years


£771.00(exc. VAT)

Full Membership (UK) three years

Full Membership (UK) three years


£1,114.00(exc. VAT)

Your full membership includes


    Information and Advice package

    Unlimited access to our 24/7 helpline, staffed by experienced professionals   
    Online HSE resources and weekly legislation tracker
    Weekly e-alert with the latest news and legislative updates.



    Tools and Templates package

    Risk assessment templates and diagnostic tools to help you identify gaps in your management systems
    Monthly themed guides to be used as part of your induction and training
    Monthly themed posters to raise in-house awareness of HSE issues. 


Customise your membership package

Membership (UK) one year

Membership (UK) one year


£290.00(exc. VAT)

Membership (UK) two years

Membership (UK) two years


£551.00(exc. VAT)

Membership (UK) three years

Membership (UK) three years


£784.00(exc. VAT)

Add Tools and Templates (UK) one year

Add Tools and Templates (UK) one year


£50.00(exc. VAT)

Add Information and Advice (UK) one year

Add Information and Advice (UK) one year


£60.00(exc. VAT)

Add Tools and Templates (UK) two years

Add Tools and Templates (UK) two years


£100.00(exc. VAT)

Add Information and Advice (UK) two years

Add Information and Advice (UK) two years


£120.00(exc. VAT)

Add Tools and Templates (UK) three years

Add Tools and Templates (UK) three years


£150.00(exc. VAT)

Add Information and Advice (UK) three years

Add Information and Advice (UK) three years


£180.00(exc. VAT)


Induction guide

This free guide helps you to communicate the importance of health and safety to your employees and can be used as part of your induction process.

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