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Seize the opportunity to thrive

Healthy, happy and safe workplaces are productive workplaces. And it’s not only us who believe that, take a look at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs which places safety as the second most fundamental element of what motivates people. Delve a little deeper and you will find that safety covers everything from security to wellbeing.

Mental and physical health, job characteristics and support from organisations are the most important determinants of productivity according to a paper written in 2018 titled ‘Structural analysis of influence on workplace productivity’. The findings comprised a unique and extensive dataset of nearly 30,000 employees in the UK collected in 2017. Overall, personal characteristics, particularly physical and mental health, as well as job characteristics such as stress at work, explain most of the variance in productivity loss.

British Safety Council has many years’ experience addressing wellbeing in the workplace and off the back of this, we have developed a fully comprehensive, flexible programme with industry leading support services to help organisations on their journey to wellbeing best practice. Being Well Together is everything organisations, of any size, need to develop and implement a measurable wellbeing strategy.

Organisations can demonstrate their commitment to health and safety by becoming a member of British Safety Council, where they will gain access to industry leading health, safety and wellbeing advice.

As part of membership, organisations also receive free access to a wide selection of digital health, safety and wellbeing courses and resources for their staff. These courses and resources have been developed by expert consultants and put together by education professionals, to ensure that knowledge retention is maximised through impactful and engaging material.

The industry leading monthly Safety Management magazine is free to our members and keeps readers abreast of the changing UK and international health, safety and wellbeing landscape through news reports, expert commentary, in-depth features and case studies. We also report on our research, campaigns, engagement activities and innovations in health, safety, wellbeing and environmental products and services.

Organisations who demonstrate excellence in health, safety and wellbeing throughout the year can apply for British Safety Council International Safety Awards. This provides an ideal opportunity for organisations of all sizes across the world, to celebrate their successes, both locally and internationally, while showing their commitment to high health, safety and wellbeing standards.

Our unique Five Star Audits  cover health and safety management, wellbeing and environmental sustainability and are assessed against best practice and developed by our leading, internationally experienced, technical experts. This ensures that, not only are relevant specification requirements being met, it also identifies any areas which are excelled in, to serve as an example to the rest of the world.  Organisations from around the world who have achieved the top grade in their Five Star Audit, are invited to apply for The Sword and Globe of Honour awards. These prestigious and internationally recognised awards celebrate and reward those organisations that have reached the pinnacle of health, safety, wellbeing and environmental management.

As a registered charity every penny we make goes into ensuring that workers are safe, whether that be through training, lobbying for change, auditing or raising awareness of the most up to date information in the industry.

To demonstrate our commitment to health, safety and wellbeing, British Safety Council has given away thousands of resources to organisations across the globe, to support them through the challenges of the current pandemic. We continue to evolve and develop our products and services, to ensure that they are relevant and up to date, supporting organisations on their journey to health, safety and wellbeing best practice.

Seize the opportunity to work with one of the leading health, safety and wellbeing organisations in the world and let us help you on your journey to excellence.