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British Safety Council is a forward-thinking and dynamic organisation that has been dedicated to its vision "No one should injured or made ill through their work" for 65 years.

Since 1957, the British Safety Council has been championing workplace health and safety around the world. The charity played an instrumental role in the campaign for the compulsory seat belt law and comprehensive protection for all workers. It contributed to the creation of the Health and Safety at Work Act in 1974 and, ahead of its time, helped to establish the British Wellness Council in 1979.

Today, we work as a trusted guide to excellent health, safety and environmental management. We have educated millions of workers and made hundreds of thousands of workplaces safer for everyone. We do this as a charity by sharing information and expert advice through our flagship magazine and campaigning on key health and safety topics such as wellbeing and mental health. We are also a busy company with a commercial focus, selling training, auditing and consultancy, awards and events and membership. 

Our founder, James Tye, was truly ahead of his time in the field of workers’ safety, health and wellbeing. British Safety Council has consequently responded with an understanding of the nature of work over the years. Early campaigns focused on a range of safety issues such as seat belts for car passengers, flammable children’s nightwear, safety of oil heaters, PPE and the provision of inadequate life jackets and buoyancy aids. In the 1980s, James Tye recognised that workplace stress was increasingly damaging peoples’ health and produced messages on how to stay physically and mentally healthy which are still relevant to current pandemic challenges. 

With a history spanning over 65 years, we now operate with our first international office in India, recognising how British Safety Council can provide support to reduce workplace injuries and fatalities. Aligned with our ambitious plans to become the UK’s leading voice for mental health awareness in the workplace, our award-winning sister charity, Mates in Mind, has gone from strength to strength, by challenging mental health stigma in the workplace. Another initiative, Being Well Together, was launched in late 2020, to further promote a more holistic approach to health, safety and wellbeing at work. 

With the help of our loyal employees, members and customers we continue to deliver on our charitable purpose.

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