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We all know that an engaged worker is a happy worker. And when we have happy workers, they’re more productive, they stay longer in an organisation, and they thrive. 

Pre 2020, the challenge was engaging workers in the office or on sites. In 2020-2022 it became about engaging remote and site workers. And now we may have a current work set-up where we have remote workers, hybrid workers, and site workers. How do we engage them all without having a dedicated employee engagement team, and without asking staff to spend hours completing engagement surveys? 

Roopa Nagoria, Engagement and Wellbeing Consultant at RN HR Consulting and PhD Researcher at Coventry University, explores the topic of engaging remote and hybrid workers in our new working world.  

During this session, you will discover:

  • What affects employee engagement
  • How employee engagement can minimise work intensification and improve wellbeing, and
  • What your organisation can do to improve employee engagement for your people.

For more information on our British Safety Council wellbeing services see our Being Well Together website.

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