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A Strategic Approach to Wellbeing in the Workplace

Nov 2021
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Why do most organisations fail when it comes to implementing a successful wellbeing programme?

Join us to discover everything you need to create your strategic and sustainable approach to wellbeing, in less than 60 minutes!

Jo Saines, Being Well Together Support Manager
Marcus Herbert, Head of Wellbeing, British Safety Council

Here at the British Safety Council, we see well-meaning organisations do just this, time and time again, with little success. And the reason is because they lack strategy, they lack a plan. Winston Churchill famously said: ‘Those who fail to plan, plan to fail’.

You have Mental Health First Aiders, you run health campaigns, you send wellbeing newsletters. But your employees aren’t engaging, health isn’t improving, and quite simply, it hasn’t worked. Why?


In this webinar, we want to tell you how you can create your own wellbeing strategy, that actually works! Without having a dedicated Wellbeing Lead, without having any data on your people, and without having weeks on end to figure it all out yourself.