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    Kate Gibbs

    Mental health – the invisible adversary for HGV drivers

    Long and lonely hours at the wheel can wreak a heavy toll on the mental wellbeing of HGV drivers, so it’s essential haulage companies do everything they can both to reduce the work-related causes of stress and create an open and accepting environment where drivers feel comfortable reaching out for support with their mental health.

    By Kate Gibbs, Road Haulage Association on 07 November 2023

    Safety Shield Global AI Human Form Recognition Safety System

    Can AI eliminate workplace collisions?

    AI technology is now being deployed to immediately warn mobile plant operators on construction sites of the presence of pedestrians, therefore adding a new layer to transport safety.

    By Jonathan Guest, Safety Shield Group on 06 November 2023

    Kevin Mauger 368X490

    Network Rail fined £1.2m after man crushed inside machine

    Network Rail has been fined £1.2 million after its failure to implement a safe system of work caused a long-standing employee and grandfather to be killed.

    By Belinda Liversedge on 01 September 2023


    Learning from the past

    A new online archive of accidents to Britain’s railway workers between 1889 and 1939 seeks to remember those injured and killed – but also helps us to learn lessons about ways of changing and improving workplace safety culture, attitudes and practices.

    By Dr Mike Esbester, University of Portsmouth on 06 July 2023

    Mike Robinson 3 Med

    Safety is not a political football – so please don’t kick it!

    Safety is in the news again and, unfortunately, not always for the right reasons.

    By Mike Robinson FCA, British Safety Council on 05 July 2022

    Cfts Thorough Examination 4 (1)

    Examine the examiner

    Materials handling equipment like forklifts must undergo a regular Thorough Examination to ensure its safety, but it’s vital to check the person carrying out the inspection has the necessary skills, knowledge and competence.

    By Geoff Martin, CFTS on 28 November 2022

    Flt Operator Training (1)

    Forklift safety: combating complacency is key

    People operating or working near forklift trucks can quickly become complacent about the dangers they pose, making it essential that managers and supervisors know how to spot, communicate and rectify bad practice.

    By Stuart Taylor, FLT Training on 24 November 2022

    Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks

    Forklift safety: getting better by design

    Designers of electric forklift trucks are continuously innovating in a bid to make the equipment safer to operate.

    By Ben Haseley, Red Diamond Distribution on 01 November 2022

    Forklift Aitt 1 (1)

    Workplace transport: keep your standards high

    Choosing an accredited provider of materials handling equipment operator training can reap benefits in terms of safer drivers and workplaces.

    By Liam Knight, AITT on 01 November 2022

    Flt Operator Training

    Safer trucking

    Forklifts can pose a serious risk to nearby workers, highlighting the importance of adequate segregation, appropriate training and regular monitoring.

    By Stuart Taylor, managing director, Mentor FLT Training on 10 November 2021