Hearing damage

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    Make sure you buy quiet

    Noise emission data from machinery manufacturers can help purchasers identify the most suitable machine when buying or hiring new equipment, but it’s also essential to maintain the machinery correctly to minimise the noise levels.

    By Darren Hugheston-Roberts, TÜV SÜD on 12 March 2024

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    Why it’s vital to take care of your hearing

    Unmanaged hearing loss can have a significant impact on our health and wellbeing, so employers should educate employees about how best to protect their hearing and encourage everyone to check it regularly.

    By Teri Devine, RNID on 29 February 2024

    Dr David Greenberg, Founder and director, Eave

    Why the UK’s noise regulations fall short in protecting workers’ hearing

    Although UK employers have long had a duty to prevent their employees suffering noise-induced hearing loss, a huge swath of workers continue to be exposed to loud noise at work, due to a combination of cultural, technological and regulatory failures.

    By Dr David Greenberg, Founder and director, Eave. on 01 March 2023

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    Protecting workers’ hearing: it’s time to change our approach

    The risk of workers suffering hearing damage from harmful levels of noise at work could be slashed by as much as 90 per cent by adopting the latest noise control best practice techniques.

    By Peter Wilson, Industrial Noise and Vibration Centre (INVC) on 15 March 2023

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    Listen up: why headphones pose a risk to workers’ hearing

    Workers could be damaging their hearing while wearing headphones for recreational use at work, so it’s vital that employers take action to control the risks.

    By Stephen Wheatley, UK Hearing Conservation Association on 01 March 2023

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    Try the shout test to protect workers’ hearing

    Bosses who have to shout at work to get heard may not actually be angry, HSE scientists have said. Instead, they may have a noise problem in their workplace.

    By Belinda Liversedge on 02 November 2023

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    Cutting through the noise

    Advances in hearing protection technology are making it easier to warn workers in real-time to protect themselves from hearing damage – and spot those who could be at greatest risk.

    By Neal Muggleton, Minuendo on 26 July 2022

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    Sound advice

    Workers could be damaging their hearing when wearing headphones and headsets for work purposes and to listen to music while working, so it’s vital employers take steps to control the risks.

    By Stephen Wheatley on 12 October 2021

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    A custom approach to hearing protection

    Our ears are intricate and extremely delicate instruments. Much like a person’s eyesight, once the hearing has been damaged, it cannot be reversed. It is vital, therefore, to protect hearing from the damaging, long-term effects of noise at work.

    By Jim Lythgow on 11 February 2020