No-one should be injured or made ill at work.
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Keep up to date with the latest news, legislation and developments in health and safety with Safety Management magazine and Health and Safety Newsletter.

Safety Management magazine is for everyone with health and safety responsibilities who needs to stay informed about the latest news, legislation and best practice in the field.

Its combination of relevant and thought-provoking news, features, profiles and opinions ensures that readers in all industries and business sectors are kept aware of the key health and safety developments.

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Subscriptions to Safety Management magazine are £60 per year for 11 issues.

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The Health and Safety Newsletter provides a quick overview of the important health and safety news, legal developments and best practice.

Packed with key news and features, the newsletter is perfect for busy directors, managers and safety professionals who want the important safety developments quickly to hand.

Subscriptions to Health and Safety Newsletter are £220 per year for 11 issues. 

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Our monthly 20-page guides provide guidance and advice on various aspects of health, safety and environmental law and best practice.

The topics covered include fire safety, work at height, occupational health and manual handling. Members who purchase our 'Tools and Templates' package receive a single free copy of the guide each month.

A year's supply of monthly guides (single copy per month) costs £40 + VAT to members, £60 + VAT to non-members. Single copies of individual guides can be purchased from £2.00 + VAT for members. 

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