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    Cold light of day 1

    In the cold light of day

    Sunlight is good for our health and wellbeing even during winter. It’s important that we harness its benefits.

    By Belinda Liversedge on 30 January 2024

    Rhian Greaves DAC Beachcroft

    Lawyer makes case for civil sanctions to address health and safety breaches

    The use of civil sanctions as an alternative to criminal prosecution for certain workplace health and safety breaches should be considered, Rhian Greaves, a partner at law firm DAC Beachcroft, argued during a presentation at the SHW Live North conference in Manchester on 23 January.

    By Kerry Reals on 26 January 2024

    Happy Meeting MED Istock Credit Delmaine Donson

    A healthy office: how design can boost wellbeing

    Environmental factors such as noise, air quality, temperature and ventilation can all impact on the health, wellbeing and productivity of office workers, so it makes sense to address them when designing and running office buildings.

    By Bex Moorhouse, Invigorate Spaces Ltd on 20 September 2023

    Sianna Spine DSCF3212

    Made to move

    Movement is essential for our back and general bodily health. Yet when we sit all day, we are often static. Safety Management visits a unique ergonomic furniture shop to find out if active sitting could prevent pain.

    By Belinda Liversedge on 01 September 2023

    Neurodiversity MED Istock Ewcreamstudio

    Neurodiversity: the new frontier of workplace ergonomics

    For neurodivergent workers, loud and brightly lit offices can cause sensory overload, anxiety and fatigue, so it’s essential to consider approaches such as providing adjustable workspaces, quiet zones and flexible working so they can perform at their best.

    By Guy Osmond, Osmond Ergonomics on 01 September 2023

    Hybrid Worker Istock Med Delmaine Donson

    Hybrid working – heaven or hell?

    Early research suggests that hybrid working may generally have a more positive than negative impact on worker wellbeing, but employers must nevertheless watch out for problems like feelings of loneliness and isolation among hybrid workers.

    By Bex Moorhouse, Invigorate Spaces Ltd on 04 May 2023

    Busy Office Istock 618864192 Vm

    Managing office noise post-pandemic

    A noisy office can be a cause of stress but there are some simple workplace design adjustments that can help mitigate the impact.

    By Guy Osmond, Osmond Ergonomics on 01 March 2023

    Stand Up Desk Osmond Ergonomics

    Sit-stand desks: avoid the pitfalls

    Sit-stand desks are a useful way of reducing sedentary behaviour at work, but it’s essential workers are trained to use them properly.

    By Guy Osmond, Osmond Ergonomics on 08 August 2022

    Gym Mat Exercises

    It’s time to move

    Home and office workers can be tempted to become less physically active, with major implications for their health, but simple steps like regular strength exercises can combat problems like muscle loss and a reduction in cardiovascular capacity.

    By Dr RS Bridger on 03 August 2022

    Stretch Med Istock Natabene

    Danger at the desk

    Exploring how employers can help manage musculoskeletal pain caused by sedentary desk working.

    By Belinda Liversedge on 02 August 2022