Modern Slavery Hands Tied iStock/NadyaPhoto

    A call to arms to tackle a modern day human tragedy

    Millions of people globally are trapped in forms of modern slavery such as bonded labour, but businesses can play a vital role in confining the practice to the history books, once and for all.

    By Dr Julie Riggs on 31 January 2024


    Learning from the past

    A new online archive of accidents to Britain’s railway workers between 1889 and 1939 seeks to remember those injured and killed – but also helps us to learn lessons about ways of changing and improving workplace safety culture, attitudes and practices.

    By Dr Mike Esbester, University of Portsmouth on 06 July 2023

    Miners At Calverton Pit Courtesy Of David Bell

    The lost story of Britain’s Black miners

    “We need to be remembered. There’s no depiction. There’s nothing about us, [but anyway] we say, all miners are black. We are [all black], till we get showered down there [underground], when we come out of the pit, and then you can see.”

    By Belinda Liversedge on 11 October 2021