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    Air pollution – but what can you do?

    The dire warnings about air pollution’s impact can leave us feeling scared and stuck. As a systemic problem there are limits to what individuals can do in isolation to protect themselves. But is that the full picture? What is the potential for individuals and businesses to support change?

    By Belinda Liversedge on 01 August 2023

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    Too many broths spoil the cook: the hidden dangers of air pollution in commercial kitchens

    Kitchens can be highly polluted working environments but there are options for making them safer and more sustainable.

    By Tom Parkes, London Borough of Camden on 14 June 2023

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    A new Clean Air Act is needed to protect people from air pollution

    There are many responsibilities on government and on Parliamentarians and one of the most important, if not the most important, is to protect the environment and preserve our world. That’s why Labour declared a climate emergency and that’s why we want Tory ministers to act and act now.

    By Ruth Jones MP on 13 July 2022

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    We are what we breathe

    Poor indoor air quality can have a negative impact on productivity and may even affect our future health, so it’s vital employers consider ways of reducing our exposure to airborne hazards like chemicals.

    By Dr Julie Riggs, British Safety Council on 06 April 2023

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    Evidence grows for air pollution link to poor mental health

    The odds of being diagnosed with common mental health disorders are greater for people living in polluted areas, even when factors like socioeconomic deprivation have been accounted for, a new report has cited.

    By Belinda Liversedge on 17 April 2023

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    Risks of air pollution raised in Parliament by Healthy Air Coalition

    British Safety Council’s Head of Policy and Communications, Stephen Cooke, represented the Time to Breathe campaign on the risks to outdoor workers at an event to launch the Health Air Coalition’s new strategy and brand in the Houses of Parliament on Tuesday 18 April.

    By British Safety Council on 19 April 2023

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    The Great Smog of 1952: seventy years on

    On 5 December 1952, a great smog covered London in a deadly blanket. It would end up killing 12,000 people.

    By Belinda Liversedge on 05 December 2022

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    Air pollution is the next business challenge

    Air pollution can and does negatively affect everyone’s health. But, it disproportionately impacts those who live in less affluent areas, broadening health inequalities across the UK.

    By Désirée Abrahams, Global Action Plan on 06 June 2022

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    The air we breathe

    Poor indoor air quality in workplaces and homes is a major risk to our health, making it essential we improve our scientific knowledge of the dangers of air pollutants like chemicals.

    By Dr Julie Riggs on 12 April 2022

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    Vehicle MOTs must be improved to reduce air pollution

    Throughout my career as a Member of Parliament, I have been a passionate campaigner for the environment and I believe that people across the country, no matter our political differences, believe that there is an inalienable right to breathe clean, safe air.

    By Barry Sheerman MP on 14 March 2022