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    A historic moment, in more ways than one

    Now that electioneering is well and truly underway in the UK, in the run up to 4 July, I know it may be the last thing you want to hear more about. But given the polls and the lively nature of the debate so far, this has the potential to be one of the more historic and memorable elections.

    By Mike Robinson FCA on 03 June 2024

    Retail Crime iStock stevecoleimages

    Assault of retail workers to become a standalone crime in UK shoplifting crackdown

    Retailers have welcomed a UK government decision to make assaulting a shop worker a standalone criminal offence in England and Wales, but civil liberties groups have criticised plans to ramp up the use of facial recognition technology in town centres to help catch shoplifters.

    By Kerry Reals on 10 April 2024

    Parliament Manifesto iStock benedek

    British Safety Council calls for worker wellbeing to be prioritised as it launches pre-election Manifesto

    British Safety Council is calling on the next UK Government to appoint a dedicated Minister for Wellbeing and introduce a tax offset for businesses that invest in new technologies which drive up health, safety and wellbeing standards in the workplace, as part of a raft of suggested policies aimed at ensuring the next 50 years are the safest on record.

    By British Safety Council on 20 March 2024

    Menopausal Woman With Fan iStock izusek

    Companies must make ‘reasonable adjustments’ for menopausal women, new guidance states

    Employers could face legal action if they fail to make “reasonable adjustments” for women who are experiencing menopause symptoms, under new guidance issued by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC).

    By Kerry Reals on 22 February 2024

    Modern Slavery Hands Tied iStock/NadyaPhoto

    A call to arms to tackle a modern day human tragedy

    Millions of people globally are trapped in forms of modern slavery such as bonded labour, but businesses can play a vital role in confining the practice to the history books, once and for all.

    By Dr Julie Riggs on 31 January 2024

    Carer and daughter young girl disabled

    New Workers’ Rights Acts to come into force in 2024

    2024 will see a number of new Workers’ Rights Acts rolled out, chiefly flexible working arrangements, carers’ leave and a new duty on employers to prevent sexual harassment.

    By Belinda Liversedge on 04 January 2024

    Hannah Burton

    AI in the workplace - health and safety friend or foe?

    With the use of AI in the workplace predicted to become widespread, it is vital that employers carefully manage any associated health and safety risks, such as negative health impacts from using AI to monitor people’s work rates.

    By Hannah Burton, Pinsent Masons LLP on 03 January 2024

    Newton Phil

    Work-related suicide: a complex picture

    Recent high-profile cases of suicide with an apparent link to work pressure provide a timely reminder of the need for employers to both reduce the risk of work-related stress and support the mental wellbeing of their teams.

    By Phil Newton, Pinsent Masons LLP on 06 October 2023

    Mike Robinson 3 Med

    Are the rules simply there to be broken?

    Do we value regulations enough, or are we better off without them? Most of the time, many of us never pause to think about the rules that govern us, so embedded are they in our daily life.

    By Mike Robinson on 12 April 2022

    James Tye With Lord Robens, B&W, 1960'S 1

    How Robens super-charged the safety system

    The Robens report, which established the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 (HSWA), is 50 this year. Safety Management celebrates Robens’s achievements and considers if the Act needs refreshing in the face of huge social changes.

    By Belinda Liversedge on 16 May 2022