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    Worker crushed after untrained worker allowed to drive forklift

    A mechanic was killed after a forklift truck he was trying to fix reversed into and crushed him, Crewe Magistrates Court heard.

    By Belinda Liversedge on 02 May 2023

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    Workplace transport: keep your standards high

    Choosing an accredited provider of materials handling equipment operator training can reap benefits in terms of safer drivers and workplaces.

    By Liam Knight, AITT on 01 November 2022

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    Examine the examiner

    Materials handling equipment like forklifts must undergo a regular Thorough Examination to ensure its safety, but it’s vital to check the person carrying out the inspection has the necessary skills, knowledge and competence.

    By Geoff Martin, CFTS on 28 November 2022

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    Forklift safety: combating complacency is key

    People operating or working near forklift trucks can quickly become complacent about the dangers they pose, making it essential that managers and supervisors know how to spot, communicate and rectify bad practice.

    By Stuart Taylor, FLT Training on 24 November 2022

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    Forklift safety: getting better by design

    Designers of electric forklift trucks are continuously innovating in a bid to make the equipment safer to operate.

    By Ben Haseley, Red Diamond Distribution on 01 November 2022

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    Safer trucking

    Forklifts can pose a serious risk to nearby workers, highlighting the importance of adequate segregation, appropriate training and regular monitoring.

    By Stuart Taylor, managing director, Mentor FLT Training on 10 November 2021

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    A real examination

    Thorough examinations of forklift trucks are vital to ensure they remain safe to use.

    By Geoff Martin, chairman, CFTS on 19 November 2020

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    The MOT for the forklift truck

    Logistics managers are urged to seek total clarity in forklift safety examinations, after it was revealed that lift trucks are involved in 50 per cent more serious accidents than large good vehicles.

    By on 01 May 2019