Flexible working

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    Working from home – is it a good or bad thing?

    A review of academic papers suggests the impact of homeworking on employees’ wellbeing, productivity and working relationships often depends on a variety of personal contextual factors, making it essential for managers to consult workers individually to identify how best to support them.

    By Charlotte Hall and Professor Neil Greenberg, King's College London on 09 April 2024

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    Why a four-day week boosts workers’ wellbeing, productivity and loyalty

    In 1907, William Willett campaigned for a simple but significant addendum to time. Having noticed an imbalance of daylight in the summer, he proposed ‘savings’ to preserve liveable post-work hours. If everyone, in sync, agreed to adjust their watch a few times per year, this simple expedient would “make for health and strength of body and mind”. It caught on. The 4 Day Week Campaign has a simple, not dissimilar, objective.

    By Samuel Hunt and Aliyah Davies, 4 Day Week Campaign on 25 March 2024

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    Hybrid work – don’t let it become a pain in the neck

    Employees working from home can be prone to problems like back pain due to poorly designed workstations and a lack of rest breaks, but digital tools like apps can help employers spot and correct the problems at an early stage.

    By Ed Harnett, Habitus Health on 27 March 2024

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    Work-shy and lonely, or creative and committed?

    Working from Home (or WFH) sometimes feels like just another wedge issue with which to divide us. But it’s a serious one, with potentially far-reaching consequences for our health, productivity and wellbeing. Which is why the study published in the Journal of Occupational Health (and covered recently by the Observer) caught my attention. It also contained something quite refreshing – a balanced view!

    By Mike Robinson FCA, British Safety Council on 01 March 2024

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    Employers with tailored work from home strategies will reap rewards, say researchers

    A review of nearly 2,000 academic papers on the advantages and disadvantages of working from home has painted a mixed picture, leading researchers to conclude that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to designing effective home- and hybrid-working strategies.

    By Kerry Reals on 20 February 2024

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    New Workers’ Rights Acts to come into force in 2024

    2024 will see a number of new Workers’ Rights Acts rolled out, chiefly flexible working arrangements, carers’ leave and a new duty on employers to prevent sexual harassment.

    By Belinda Liversedge on 04 January 2024

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    Cost of living fuels work from home boom

    Over a third of employers have seen an increase in staff working from home compared with 2022, an Acas survey has found.

    By Belinda Liversedge on 01 September 2023

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    More control over tasks lowers risk of heart disease in workers, finds study

    Employees with bosses who micromanage them are at greater risk of heart attack than those given more flexibility and control over tasks, a new study has found.

    By Belinda Liversedge on 09 November 2023

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    4-day week pilot reveals boost to worker wellbeing and retention

    By Mariam Salman, campaign officer & Grace Robinson, member, 4 Day Week Campaign on 03 April 2023

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    Four-day week could boost employee mental wellbeing

    Thirty businesses have recently announced their participation in the UK’s biggest ever four-day week pilot, trialling a 32-hour, four-day working week with no loss in pay from June this year.

    By Grace Robinson, 4 Day Week Campaign on 12 April 2022