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    E-scooters and lithium batteries: the new fire risk for the workplace?

    18 February, the date chosen to play host to National Battery Day, is a particularly important one for the history of the battery. The day marks the birth of the father of battery science, Alessandro Volta, credited as the creator of the Voltaic Pile, an early form of what we know today as the electric battery.

    By Phil Pinnington, British Safety Council on 19 February 2024

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    Batteries – an opportunity, but what’s the safety risk?

    As global economies look to achieve their net zero targets, there is an increased focus on the development of non-fossil fuel alternative energy sources, such as battery power. The demand for batteries over the next 20 years is predicted to increase twentyfold. This presents numerous opportunities for those in the battery production supply chain who will need to gear up to meet this increased demand. However, despite the glow of opportunity, it is important that the safety risks posed by batteries are effectively managed.

    By Liam Jagger, Pinsent Masons on 07 February 2024

    Laura White, senior associate, Pinsent Masons LLP.

    Competence and culture change in the built environment: important developments

    By Laura White, senior associate, Pinsent Masons LLP. on 01 August 2023

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    Golden threads – delivering safety in buildings and beyond

    The golden thread topic has no doubt featured many times before. With it being summer 2023, the registration of higher-risk buildings is in full swing, and the policy on the golden thread of information is being finalised with secondary legislation enshrining it expected in various waves soon.

    By Sofie Hooper, Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management on 16 August 2023

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    Managing fire safety in high-risk residential buildings: the challenges ahead

    Last month, the industry marked five years since the Grenfell Tower tragedy, remembering the 72 people who lost their lives, those who were injured, and their families and friends, and reflecting on the impact the disaster has had on the local community and residents in high-rise buildings across the country.

    By Andrew Bulmer, The Property Institute on 13 July 2022

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    Fire safety design standards for tall residential buildings: room for improvement

    The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) began its work as statutory consultee for planning applications that include a high-rise residential building in England, in August 2021.

    By Mark Wilson, HSE on 04 July 2022

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    The gateways to building safety

    A new ‘gateway’ approval process aims to ensure the safety of certain high-rise residential buildings in Britain.

    By Colin Blatchford-Brown, HSE on 21 February 2023

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    Competence is crucial

    By selecting third-party certificated providers of fire safety services, a business can be confident they are getting competent help in managing fire risks.

    By Justin Maltby-Smith, BAFE Fire Safety Register on 22 July 2022

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    New building and fire safety regime for occupied residential buildings: uncertainties remain

    As you probably know by now, the Building Safety Act is a fact. Since its Royal Assent in April, we’ve been one step closer to the new regime for managing building safety in (higher risk) residential buildings.

    By Sofie Hooper, IWFM on 04 July 2022

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    UK fire and building safety laws and standards: more action needed

    In response to the Grenfell Tower fire of 2017, the Fire Safety Act 2021 was passed by UK Parliament, amending the Regulatory Reform Order (Fire Safety Order) 2005 to improve fire safety in English and Welsh residential buildings.

    By Jonathan O’Neill MBE, Fire Protection Association (FPA) on 04 July 2022