Layla Moran MP

    Long Covid: employers need guidelines on managing its impact on affected workers

    When I wrote for this publication last July, the number of people living with Long Covid had reached one million, a grim milestone.

    By Layla Moran MP, Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament for Oxford West & Abingdon on 16 August 2022

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    More than a third say health and safety improved since pandemic, finds report

    Health and safety practitioners are more confident since the pandemic that their company will protect workers and that staff will comply with safety rules, a report has found.

    By Belinda Liversedge on 03 May 2023

    Mike Robinson 3 Med

    Are the rules simply there to be broken?

    Do we value regulations enough, or are we better off without them? Most of the time, many of us never pause to think about the rules that govern us, so embedded are they in our daily life.

    By Mike Robinson on 12 April 2022

    Mike Robinson 3 Med

    Newfound Covid ‘freedoms’ are a privilege and should be handled with care

    The conclusion of the UK Prime Minister’s statement to Parliament on the government’s plan for ‘living with Covid’, in which he set out the rationale for lifting all legal restrictions in England, bears repeating, I think.

    By Mike Robinson FCA on 07 March 2022

    Anna Fletcher (2)

    Covid-19 – some legal points to remember

    In a time of ongoing uncertainty, as we continue to weather the pandemic storm and the emergence of the Omicron variant of Covid-19, the overarching duty on employers to ensure that their employees (and others) are not exposed to health and safety risks has remained a constant.

    By Anna Fletcher on 08 December 2021

    James Tye With Esther Rantzen, B&W, 1980'S

    Standing up for those without a voice

    This month, our founder James Tye would have celebrated his 100th birthday, on 21 December. In fact, James died a quarter of a century ago, though his legacy endures to this day – both in terms of what he achieved in his lifetime and the way the British Safety Council continues to take forward what he began.

    By Mike Robinson on 09 November 2021

    Mike Robinson 3 Med

    Business resilience and wellbeing

    Broadly speaking, resilience refers to an organisation’s ability to adapt quickly and respond well to a crisis. That means being prepared to deal with an unforeseen or predictable event. This could be anything from your superstar employee moving to your competitor, new legislation forcing you to make sweeping changes to your products, or a major global health or economic crisis, like Covid.

    By Mike Robinson FCA on 18 October 2021

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    A nervous return

    Many workers are feeling anxious about returning to the workplace as Covid restrictions are eased, so it’s vital employers communicate effectively with staff about the precautions in place to protect them from the virus.

    By Dr Sarita Robinson and Christina Buxton on 06 September 2021

    Cox Julian Print[5]

    Back to work

    If staff are fearful about returning to the workplace as Covid controls are eased, it is vital employers explain the precautions that are in place to keep them safe and consider making further changes to reduce the risk to specific individuals.

    By Julian Cox on 31 August 2021

    L Moran

    Long Covid: the government needs to act now

    The impact of long Covid on a person’s life can be devastating.

    By Layla Moran on 21 July 2021