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Lawrence waterman chair elect of the british safety council

The British Safety Council has a long and proud history of campaigning for workplace health, safety and wellbeing. For over 60 years, the charity and membership organisation has educated over a million of workers and made thousands of workplaces safer around the world.

The business and regulatory environment in which the British Safety Council operates is changing rapidly and it’s doing so in many different ways. It is becoming more challenging to be heard, as well as generate sufficient return from commercial activities which help fund our campaigning work. There are more competitors and more trade associations than ever before.

That rate of change is only going to accelerate over the next few years. The future world of work is starting to place new pressures on employees. Whether it’s the gig economy or working alongside intelligent machines, workers require a new set of skills. At the same time, people are living and working longer, and modern communication technologies are dissolving the work/home divide. There is also a growing understanding of the importance of managing and protecting employees’ wellbeing, including mental health, and encouraging people to stay safe and fitter for longer.

The British Safety Council is looking for people with the vision and desire to drive change within the organisation, as well as in the broader workplace. It’s a big challenge because the British Safety Council operates in over 60 countries across the world. You don’t need to be a health, safety or wellbeing expert, although we would very much like to hear from you if you do have those skills. For good governance, we also require people with IT, financial management and other skills of importance to any well-run organisation. What matters is that you have a genuine desire to make change happen within the areas in which we work.

If you wish to contribute to shaping the future of British Safety Council and are keen to help campaign for better occupational health, safety and wellbeing, you can support the efforts of the British Safety Council which is taking innovative steps to ensure that people stay safe and healthy at work.

As a trustee of the British Safety Council, you will have the chance to shape the policy agenda and take part in our disruptive campaigning activity. You will protect vulnerable people in the workplace and empower them to better manage risk, wellbeing and mental health. Your expertise and advice will help us realise our vision, that no one should be injured or made ill through their work.


Lawrence Waterman OBE

British Safety Council, Chair of the Board of Trustees

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