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Trustee recruitment

A foreword from the Chair

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Trustee.

I became Chair of British Safety Council in October 2021 and am one of 10 Trustees who are responsible for its strategic direction and governance. As a charity, we have a long and proud history of campaigning for workplace health, safety, environmental and wellbeing. For over 60 years, the charity and membership organisation has educated over a million workers and made thousands of workplaces safer around the world.

COVID -19 has changed the way we work and been an accelerant to having a more holistic approach to workers’ safety, health, and wellbeing issues. The pandemic has also highlighted social issues that workers face, such as childcare, sick leave & disability issues, and placed new pressures on employees with a whole set of new challenges.

The Health and Safety at Work report (from HSE) claimed that in 2020/21, 142 workers were killed, 0.4 million workers sustained a non-fatal injury, and 0.5 million workers suffered from work- related musculoskeletal disorders in the UK. People are working longer, they lack social interaction, they experience job insecurity, solitary working, burnout and mental health issues have become common concerns in workplaces. This has created a growing understanding of the importance of a more holistic approach to restore health, safety and wellbeing, working together to protect employees’ wellbeing and encourage people to stay safe and fitter for longer. Therefore, the British Safety Council’s work is now more important than ever.

British Safety Council doesn’t fundraise, and the coronavirus crisis has also had a big impact on our income. It is now more vital than ever, that we have strong strategic leadership to continue to safeguard worker health, safety and wellbeing, as well as sustaining our organisation for the future.

British Safety Council is looking for people with the vision and desire to drive change within the organisation, as well as in the broader workplace. It’s a big challenge because British Safety Council operates in over 50 countries across the world. However, you don’t need to be a health, safety or wellbeing expert to apply for the Trustee role. For good governance, the Board is in need of strengthening, especially in light of the contributions which the outgoing, retiring Trustees brought to the Board. Hence, we are looking for Legal, Campaign, Financial and Investment Management skills and experience at strategic leadership level, coupled with a genuine desire to make change happen within the areas in which we work.

As a Trustee of British Safety Council, you will have the chance to shape the policy agenda and take part in our campaigning activity. You will protect people in the workplace and empower them to better manage risk, mental health, and overall wellbeing at work. Your expertise and advice will help us continue our vision that no one should be injured or made ill through their work.

Peter McGettrick
British Safety Council, Chair of the Board of Trustees

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