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    Hybrid working: how to apply the lessons learned

    Hybrid working can support worker health and wellbeing, increase staff engagement and help attract a more diverse workforce, but getting it right requires genuine collaboration and trust between employers and their teams.

    By Ben Goodall, Acas on 03 September 2022

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    Hybrid working – heaven or hell?

    Early research suggests that hybrid working may generally have a more positive than negative impact on worker wellbeing, but employers must nevertheless watch out for problems like feelings of loneliness and isolation among hybrid workers.

    By Bex Moorhouse, Invigorate Spaces Ltd on 04 May 2023

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    Home but not alone

    The post-pandemic shift to home and hybrid working poses challenges for ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of workers, but the starting point should always be the careful assessment, discussion and management of risks like home workstations, electrical dangers and mental wellbeing.

    By Phil Pinnington, British Safety Council on 20 September 2023

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    Home and hybrid working post-pandemic: getting it right

    The growth in home working can potentially boost worker wellbeing through steps like the removal of the daily commute, but employers need to ensure it doesn’t result in unwanted problems, like a failure to spot the signs of stress in their remote teams.

    By Clare Forshaw, Park Health & Safety on 26 September 2022

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    Successful hybrid and flexible working: the right culture is key

    With the explosion in home working and dispersed workforces operating without a fixed workplace, it is more important than ever to support the mental wellbeing, engagement and performance of staff.

    By Chris Preston, The Culture Builders on 29 July 2022