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    Hannah Burton

    AI in the workplace - health and safety friend or foe?

    With the use of AI in the workplace predicted to become widespread, it is vital that employers carefully manage any associated health and safety risks, such as negative health impacts from using AI to monitor people’s work rates.

    By Hannah Burton, Pinsent Masons LLP on 03 January 2024

    Modjoul Smartbelt

    How wearable tech helps reduce MSD and collision risks

    Artificial intelligence and wearable technology can now be used to assess and provide feedback on the ergonomic risks posed by high impact and repetitive tasks, making it quicker and easier to identify ways of improving training and work processes to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries.

    By Graham Sharp, Stanley on 03 January 2024

    Mike Robinson 3 Med

    Should we feel more excited or scared about AI? Or both!

    Recent world events have brought home just how lucky we are if we can expect to stay safe. Fortunately, most of us do not live in places like Gaza or Ukraine. But conflicts like these can spill over, with their ripples felt worldwide, not to mention the risks of nuclear escalation.

    By Mike Robinson FCA, British Safety Council on 07 November 2023

    Prime Minister Rishi Sunak And Others At AI Summit Photograph By UK Government MED

    Working people should have say in AI, not just ‘tech bros and politicians’

    AI Safety Summit a ‘missed opportunity’ for worker safety, says open letter to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

    By Belinda Liversedge on 03 November 2023

    Safety Shield Global AI Human Form Recognition Safety System

    Can AI eliminate workplace collisions?

    AI technology is now being deployed to immediately warn mobile plant operators on construction sites of the presence of pedestrians, therefore adding a new layer to transport safety.

    By Jonathan Guest, Safety Shield Group on 06 November 2023

    AI Dashcam 1 V2 Credit Inseego

    Fleet and video telematics: why prevention is now key

    Advances in fleet and video telematics, increasingly powered by AI and machine vision, are making it much easier and quicker to spot, correct and therefore prevent unsafe driver behaviour, like speeding.

    By Steve Thomas, Inseego UK Ltd on 06 November 2023

    Artificial Intelligence Istock Gorodenkoff

    Artificial Intelligence labs locked in ‘out of control race’, warn tech leaders

    AI experts and business leaders have petitioned AI labs to pause training of systems ‘more powerful than GPT-4’ until risks have been planned for and managed.

    By Belinda Liversedge on 02 May 2023

    Data Inspector Safety Person Clipboard

    Data project opens up new ways to prevent accidents

    HSE is exploring how AI and data can help employers understand more about how accidents happen and how to prevent them through thousands of stories and reports it stores.

    By Belinda Liversedge on 22 March 2023

    Icy Road Istock Credit Shipshit

    Artificial intelligence playing ever-greater role in cutting road risks

    Artificial intelligence is increasingly being used to reduce risks on the road, not only to the driver but also other road users, especially vulnerable ones.

    By Richard Kent, VisionTrack on 02 November 2022

    Artificial Intelligence Graphic

    Artificial intelligence: the benefits and dangers of data

    AI is already being widely used to protect people’s health and safety at work, but there’s a danger the data being harvested could be used in negative ways, such as pervasive monitoring of employees’ work rates and performance.

    By David Sharp, International Workplace on 12 August 2022