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    Why we need a Respect at Work Code to better protect employees from bullying

    We turn to the law to protect us and to provide a recourse to justice. If you have been a target of bullying behaviour, no such framework exists, unless you are able to identify that the detriment you have experienced is associated with a protected characteristic.

    By Rachael Maskell MP on 06 November 2023

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    Beating the bullies: why a risk management approach is vital

    Workplace bullying and harassment can have a devastating effect on an employee’s mental and physical wellbeing, but many employers make the mistake of simply reacting to complaints as they arise, rather than focusing on cultural and organisational changes that will prevent bullying in the first place.

    By Nicki Eyre, Conduct Change on 09 October 2023

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    Why we need a new law to protect people from workplace bullying

    A new Parliamentary Bill drafted by the Stop Hurt at Work campaign and introduced by Rachael Maskell MP aims to make it easier for people who experience bullying at work to seek redress through an employment tribunal.

    By Nicki Eyre FRSA, Conduct Change Ltd and the Stop Hurt at Work campaign on 06 October 2023

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    Beating the bullies

    Bullying can have a detrimental effect on an employee’s mental wellbeing, but there are ways of preventing it – such as creating a culture that prioritises staff wellbeing over performance.

    By Dr Sam Farley on 01 August 2022