Review to consider future of work in post-Covid era

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The government has appointed MP Matt Warman to lead a review into the future of work.

His task will be to establish the key questions to address on the future of work as we emerge from the pandemic.

Topics on the agenda are likely to include the role of automation and how we can build on the ‘good’ flexibility in the UK’s job market and the gig economy.

It will assess the role of local job markets in facilitating access to good jobs as part of ‘levelling up’. Warman will also seek views on where skills development is most needed to drive future economic growth.

Commenting on his appointment, Warman, who is MP for Boston and Skegness, said: “The nature of work is changing at a rapid pace and Britain is uniquely positioned to seize new opportunities. I’m delighted to be asked by the Prime Minister to examine how best we can do so in the post-Covid era.”

However, commenting in a post for law firm DAC Beachcroft, lawyers Zoë Wigan, Ceri Fuller and Hilary Larter, write that this latest review comes after similar previous ones. For example, the Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices in July 2017, which made recommendations to government – largely accepted – around good work and legislation.

They write: “This is not the first time a government has carried out this sort of a review. Many of the recommendations of the Taylor review of modern working practices are yet to be implemented. Given the lack of progress on employment law it seems currently unlikely that much will come of this review.”

The review will gather evidence over the summer. A written report, including recommendations, will then be submitted to the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “It’s fantastic that Matt Warman has agreed to take on this important piece of work. This review will look at how we can equip people with the skills they need to thrive in the workplace no matter where they’re from.”

Future of work review here 


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