Case Study: IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management


United Kingdom and International


Richard’s personal experience of the IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management.

What Richard does

Richard is part of the sustainability team at a broadcasting organisation and leads the organisation’s work on “Sustainable Production”, developing best practice on how TV, radio and online content can be made with reduced environmental impact. The majority of his work involves working directly with programme makers to  divise and support them in their efforts to become more environmentally sustainable.


Richard went on the IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management which was run as a public course in Manchester in 2014. This IEMA course enables delegates to gain a practical understanding of sustainability principles, environmental law, pollution prevention techniques, and performance measurement.

This course was taught by:

Dr Keith Whitehead
Senior Consultant – Environmental
British Safety Council

“I wanted a course which would increase my skills and knowledge around the science and application of environmental management. The course met my needs, covering a lot of ground both in the classroom and through outside reading, and left me feeling prepared for the final exam. I enjoyed meeting other delegates and the tutor delivered the sessions with both authority and good humour.”
Richard Smith, Sustainability Production Manager, Broadcasting.

Key fact summary

Richard undertook this public course for the following reasons:

  • To gain a recognised IEMA accredited qualification that would help his credibility within his current role and allow him to join IEMA
  • Help in his application to become a full member of IEMA
  • Gain a qualification that would help him bridge the gap between the communication of sustainability matters and knowledge of the key principals of environmental management provided by the course.
  • To cover recognised gaps in his knowledge of environmental management such as international, EU and national environmental law.
  • To gather further knowledge in environmental management and share experiences with other environmental practitioners  regarding best practices and how implementation challenges are overcome in other sectors.


“The course helped me achieve my aim of earning a qualification which is well-recognised by sustainability professionals. It has boosted my confidence in talking about the scientific causes and effects of issues such as climate change and increased my awareness of the support network available to help people working in positions similar to mine”.