British Safety Council Certificate Qualifications

Created for those involved in health and safety within the workplace. Our range of engaging and highly respected qualifications are designed to protect you and your people within your business

Benefits for Organisations

  • The new British Safety Council Certificate Qualifications consist of fully online learning and online assessment
  • Fully mobile optimised and can be accessed and completed via, tablet or even smartphone which increases accessibility, particularly during restricted movement
  • Can be used to replace or enhance the organisations existing training
  • Programs, training and assessment can be tailored to meet the needs of the organisation, with dual branded certification
  • Efficient and effective training options
  • Assessments completed fully online and on-demand
  • Reduction in training, travel, invigilation and administration costs 
  • Purchased directly from the British Safety Council website
  • No minimum spend requirement
  • Ability to monitor learner completion through a dashboard 
  • E-certificates issued upon successful completion of assessment
  • Ensure staff conducting critical risk assessments have understood and are able to apply relevant principals.


Benefits for Learners

  • Learning and assessments can be completed at their own pace and in a venue of their choosing
  • Greater accessibility regarding completion of assessment
  • Learners can choose when to complete assessment
  • Upon successful completion of the qualification, learners will receive an E-certificate
  • Learners receive an interactive learning experience linked to contemporary vocational scenarios
  • Efficiencies in travelling to a training venue.

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