Important Information: International Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health

Despite advancements in health and safety, people continue to be killed and seriously injured at work.

The majority of occupational accidents and incidents of ill-health can be avoided by good health and safety management. With this in mind, we offer the International Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health, an internationally-recognised, professional qualification for managers and practitioners with specific responsibility for health and safety in the workplace.

The qualification is accredited by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) as meeting the requirement for graduate membership of the Institution (Grad IOSH).

Following the successful completion of a period of initial professional development, a graduate member may apply for chartered status (CMIOSH). Holders of the International Diploma may also apply for full membership of the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM).

Due to an increase in organisations claiming to be approved to deliver our International Diploma qualification, we have produced this webpage to assist you with:

• Identifying British Safety Council Approved Centres
• Identifying British Safety Council Approved Tutors
• Understanding what to expect from your Approved Centre
• Our expectations of you as a candidate.

The Basics

The International Diploma is comprised of three separate units, and candidates are required to have completed the following:

  • 195 hours of face to face teaching with the centre
  • 97½ hours of self-study, revision and assignment preparation
  • 5½ hours of examinations
  • 298 hours of total study time[1].

It is unlikely you will achieve the qualification if you receive significantly less tuition than this.

Anyone wishing to take this qualification must have a minimum level of written and spoken English, equivalent to IELTS level 7.

To ensure high standards in the delivery and management of our qualifications, we set stringent rules for our centres to follow and have a zero-tolerance approach to malpractice and candidate plagiarism, see "What is Plagiarism?" below.

[1] This is based on an initial assessment carried out by the centre.

What to expect from your centre

All approved British Safety Council centres are issued with an Approved Centre Certificate on an annual basis that expires on 31 December of that year.

If you have any doubt whether an organisation is approved by us, please ask to see a copy of the certificate or contact the Qualifications Team for confirmation via [email protected].

We do not permit the sub-contracting of delivery.

If the name on the certificate is different to the organisation you are taking training with, please let us know immediately, [email protected].

We approve tutors to deliver our qualifications and each tutor is expected to hold a minimum level of qualification and experience to enable them to teach the subject matter. If you have any doubts about your tutor please contact [email protected].

We provide teaching aids to Approved Centres and we expect these to be adapted and enhanced to ensure the highest quality of tuition tailored to meet your needs. 

We also expect Approved Centres to monitor teaching to ensure that tutors aren’t ‘teaching to the test’ or providing model answers or model assignments.

We do not issue mock papers, other than the specimen copies available from our website and we do not allow centres to retain copies of previous examination papers. 

If you are issued a mock paper that isn’t a published specimen paper, it is likely to be a previous version of the examination which has been illegally retained.


To achieve the Diploma you are required to sit two examinations, Unit 1 is 3 hours and Unit 2 is 2½ hours.

The invigilator must check your identification in advance of the examination and you are not permitted to bring any notes, electronic equipment etc. with you into the examination room.

Each examination must be run at the appointed start time and the examination papers must be unsealed by the invigilator at the start and in front of all candidates.

The examination must be run in accordance with our rules and these must be read out at the start of the examination.

If you are provided access to examination materials at any time, other than within the examination room, please report this immediately us, [email protected]


To achieve the International Diploma you are required to submit two assignments:

  • Unit 2 should be 5,000 words
  • Unit 3 should be 10,000 words.

The assignment should ideally be based on your place of work.

You should keep all copies of evidence, previous drafts etc. until we have certificated.  We reserve the right to review this to confirm that the work is your own.

Please use the supporting guidance document to help you and do not submit prewritten or purchased assignments as your own.

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the unauthorised/unlawful act of copying text from external sources and submitting it as your own work.  Examples include:

  • Copying responses from other candidates or external sources during an examination
  • Asking the invigilator for the answer and using it as your own response
  • Using earpieces, cheat watches, hidden cameras, notebooks.

Purchased and pre-written assignments will not be accepted and will result in your disqualification, as will unreferenced copying from revision sources, such as the internet or reference books.

How long do I have to complete the qualification?

You have up to five years to complete the qualification from registration.

Our Approved Diploma Centres


Centre Name



Ace Training and Consulting

Abu Dhabi, UAE


Akbar HSE Training & Consulting

Andhra Pradesh, India


Arabian Training & Safety Co.LLC

Muscat, Oman


ASHE Institute

Cochin, India


Aspire Middle East Training Institute LLC

Abu Dhabi, UAE


Chicago Training Centre

Doha, Qatar


Clovers Safety Services Pvt Ltd

Kerela, India


Doha Industrial Safety Services

Doha, Qatar


Ellora Institute Of Health & Safety (EIHS)

Kerela, India

Examinations are only permitted to be run via the British Council

Excellence Training Centre

Doha, Qatar

Examinations are only permitted to be run via the British Council

Horizon Occupational Safety and Health Training Institute

Punjab, Pakistan

Examinations are only permitted to be run via the British Council

MacBens Multi Resources Limited

Accra, Ghana


QHSE International

Dubai, UAE


Speedway Safety Training Centre LLC

Dubai, UAE


Texas Management Training Centre

Doha, Qatar


Sinicon Project Management Consultancy LLC

Abu Dhabi


Leaders Training Centre

Nuaija, Qatar


UB International

UAE, Qatar & Kuwait

require BSC or British Council invigilation

Ensign Management Training Centre



TechSafe Consultancy





The following organisations have had their centre approval withdrawn and are not permitted to deliver our qualifications:

Organisation Name Location
Bright Services Training Doha, Qatar
Elite International Health and Safety Consultancy Abu Dhabi, UAE
Global Arabian Consultancy & Training L.L.C. Abu Dhabi UAE
Tutis Consultancy Kuwait



We do not have any relationship with the following organisations:

Organisation Name


AIMS Training Centre

Abu Dhabi, UAE

August International Academy


Capital Management Consultancy and Development Centre

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Innovative Excellence Safety Consultancy

Dubai, UAE

International Safety Council

Chennai, India

KASCO Occupational Training (Pvt.) Ltd

Islamabad, Pakistan

National Energy Management Consultants (NEMC)

Dubai, UAE

Proactive Excel Safety Consultancy

Dubai, UAE

Red Hat Safety Training and Consulting PVT LTD

Chennai, India

If your training provider does not appear on either list, it may be for one of the following reasons:

  • The organisation maybe subject to an ongoing Compliance activity
  • The organisation maybe subject to a Financial Sanction
  • The organisation is unknown to us and not approved to deliver our qualifications.
  • The organisation has not been active with us in the last 12 months[2]

Please contact [email protected] for more information.


[2] We are aware that some approved organisations are registering through other approved centres to attempt to bypass imposed sanctions.