Your Open Book Examination:

You will be given online access to the examination question paper and answer template for a period of 24 hours, starting at 0900 on the examination day. During this 24-hour ‘window’ you will be expected to spend about 4 - 5 hours on the assessment.  You will be able to refer to course materials and access the internet.

Open book examinations are not necessarily easier than closed book examinations.  You will need a good mastery of the subject matter in order to effectively apply that knowledge and understanding to the scenario and questions set. Some revision is therefore essential.

After the examination, you are required to attend a ‘closing interview’.  This will be conducted online (via Microsoft Teams or Zoom) and must take place within two weeks of you sitting the examination.  The interview, which will last no more than 15 minutes, will be conducted by a British Safety Council staff member.  It does not form part of the assessment; it is simply to provide assurance that you completed the examination without assistance from a third party.  We will contact you to schedule your interview.

The timeframes are as follows:

  • 3 days prior to examination
    You will receive log in details for the NEBOSH online examination platform.  You are advised to log in, change your password and familiarise yourself with the platform before the day of the examination. 
  • Examination day
    You will have 24 hours (from 0900) to access, complete and submit your examination paper.
  • Within 2 weeks of the examination
    Your 15-minute closing interview will take place at a pre-arranged time.   
  • 10 weeks after the examination
    Results issued on or before this date.

There is a dedicated page on the NEBOSH website where further information and resources can be downloaded.  These include a sample examination question paper.  You are advised to familiarise yourself with this sample paper.