MinM Listen, Support and Signpost Live Online

Your Live Online course

Live Online means that: 

  • You join remotely using a PC, laptop or tablet 
  • You will be able to see the tutor, PowerPoint slides and videos 
  • You can interact verbally with the tutor and with the rest of the group  
  • You have the option of having your camera on or off.


Unless advised otherwise, this is a 60-minute workshop facilitated by a tutor. Your company co-ordinator will inform you of the start time.


This workshop provides mental health & wellbeing champions with the opportunity to discuss issues openly with peers, explore how they can adapt their role and provide support to colleagues. The session is facilitated by a trained mental health practitioner who will be there to provide advice and guidance.


  • Recap on roles and responsibilities of mental health & wellbeing champions
  • Consideration of scenarios (work and non-work related) requiring the application of mental health first aid skills and how to apply them remotely
  • Spotting the signs
  • Signposting to professional support services available.

Your wellbeing

Sometimes, students may experience distress when discussing mental health topics.

Should you feel uncomfortable at any stage, please feel free to take a break. Please let the tutor know. All of our tutors are trained mental health practitioners who are available following the workshop for immediate one-to one phone-based support.


We hope you enjoy the workshop and find it beneficial.  You will be asked to complete an evaluation survey at the end.  If you have any additional feedback please speak with your tutor or contact our customer service team at [email protected] or call us on +44 (0)20 8741 1231.