Course guide - Safety Representatives and Safety Committees Course


Please organise your travel to arrive at the course venue by 8.45am hours and register your attendance.
The course will start promptly at 9.00am and is scheduled to finish at 5.00pm.

Please note: timings are subject to change at the discretion of the course tutor.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course learners should:

  • Know the role and responsibilities of the health and safety representative
  • Understand the position of health and safety in the context of overall business risk management
  • Know the elements of an effective health and safety management system
  • Know the process for conducting a suitable and sufficient risk assessment
  • Know simple risk control measures for a range of workplace hazards
  • Be able to carry out an effective health and safety inspection
  • Know the requirements in relation to incident reporting and investigation
  • Know where to source health and safety information
  • Understand how to communicate and engage effectively on health and safety matters
  • Be able to contribute effectively to a health and safety committee meeting
  • Be able to develop action plans in relation to health and safety.

At the end of this course, those who represent workers in the workplace will be able to play an effective part in health and safety activities within the workplace.

Upon completion of the course the participant will receive a certificate of attendance.


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