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    How to avoid the legal pitfalls

    Before the coronavirus outbreak, health and safety was often seen as additional ‘red-tape’. Now, employees returning to work after having been told by the government to stay at home for their own safety will have increased health and safety concerns.

    By Richard Thomas, Capital Law on 03 July 2020


    Do we still need live health and safety events?

    Two industry spokespeople give their view.

    By David McAllister and Laura Jones on 01 July 2020

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    A high price for public health cuts

    In every organisation there is the need to focus on what really matters, the core of the business, the activities designed to achieve the Vision and pursue the Mission.

    By Lawrence Waterman, British Safety Council on 17 June 2020


    Change workplaces for good

    At the start of the coronavirus lockdown some political processes were put on ice, but as the crisis has evolved politics itself has heated up.

    By Charles Pitt, British Safety Council on 07 June 2020

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    Why decontamination is crucial to combatting Covid-19

    In the months since the first case was identified in the UK, the coronavirus pandemic continues to have a profound impact on individuals, industries and our healthcare system.

    By Tautvydas Karitonas, Inivos on 08 June 2020

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    Time for Change

    It is always difficult to lift our eyes from the day-to-day, but never more so than in the middle of a major, global crisis.

    By Lawrence Waterman on 12 May 2020

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    Health enforcement: redressing the balance

    Work-related ill health is a significant issue in the UK. According to Health and Safety Executive (HSE) statistics 1.4 million workers in the UK suffer from work-related ill health, which results in 23.5 million working days lost each year, and costs the UK £9.8 billion.

    By Charlotte O’Kane, Pinsent Masons LLP on 26 May 2020

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    Furloughed but not forgotten

    It’s strange to think that a month ago ‘furlough’ was not a word in common use and now it is part of our daily conversations.

    By Mike Clancy, Prospect union on 04 May 2020


    Working from home: the new normal

    It’s a truism that things reveal their nature when they break. While systems and processes run smoothly, it’s easy to forget that a functioning society only works when individuals can come together as groups.

    By Mike Robinson, British Safety Council on 03 April 2020

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    Be proud of our own contribution

    When sitting down to write on a current topic in workplace health and safety, it is impossible to block out the deafening roar from the COVID-19 pandemic.

    By Lawrence Waterman on 09 April 2020