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    The energy transition: why we need to manage the safety risks

    The move to renewable and low carbon energy sources like hydrogen will clearly present new safety risks, but developments in technology like gas detection monitoring will help to keep workers and the public safe.

    By David Head, Draeger Safety UK on 06 June 2023

    Rubbermaid Pic 1

    Why prioritising product longevity can boost an organisation’s sustainability performance

    Although products made from recycled materials are often viewed as the most sustainable purchasing option, products made from virgin materials can often have a lower environmental impact if they are more durable and last longer.

    By Emilio Capelli, Newell Brands on 05 June 2023

    Save Water Istock Credit Tomazl MED

    Why water should be a priority for your business

    Implementing water-saving measures can save a business money and energy – and boost its reputation as an environmentally-responsible organisation.

    By Laura White, Waterwise on 05 June 2023

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    Construction machinery in London: cutting its contribution to air pollution

    A Low Emission Zone for non-road mobile construction machinery in London is helping to reduce the plant’s contribution to the city’s air pollution – and in May this year, the project was judged Innovator of the Year at the Fleet Vision International Awards.

    By Andrew Gordon, Cleaner Construction for London on 05 June 2023

    Chef Flames Kitchen MED Istock 948116034 Credit Bernardbodo

    Too many broths spoil the cook: the hidden dangers of air pollution in commercial kitchens

    Kitchens can be highly polluted working environments but there are options for making them safer and more sustainable.

    By Tom Parkes, London Borough of Camden on 01 June 2023

    Istock 855256042 Credit Bulentbaris

    Encouraging people into green careers

    With hundreds of thousands of ‘green jobs’ set to be created as the UK seeks to achieve its decarbonisation and environmental goals, IEMA has launched a new careers hub where anybody, from any sector or background, can go for information on how they can play a role in greening the economy.

    By Martin Baxter, IEMA on 01 June 2023

    Istock 1056026694 Credit Gilaxia Min

    In the blood

    Inventors are dragging health screening into the 21st century. But should we be excited or worried about these powerful health intelligence tools?

    By Belinda Liversedge on 01 June 2023

    Biodiversity MED Istock Velvetfish

    Boosting biodiversity: why businesses must act

    Healthy ecosystems and biodiversity are crucial for everything from food production to absorbing carbon emissions – and businesses have a crucial role in reversing biodiversity loss.

    By Dr Keith Whitehead, British Safety Council on 31 May 2023

    Lone Worker MED Istock Simonskafar Min

    Keeping utility workers safe: alarm monitoring technology is key

    Utility workers out in the field maintaining our electrical and gas supply networks can be at risk of accidents and aggression from the public, making it vital to have the right technology for raising the alarm and identifying their location.

    By Rebecca Pick, Pick Protection on 12 May 2023

    PPE Woman Mask Istock 872749006 Credit Maselkoo99 Min

    Selecting PPE: suitability and sustainability are key

    Getting the PPE selection process right leads to better wearer protection, cost savings and environmental benefits – but it’s essential to use a specialist provider with the expertise to guide you.

    By Ryan Plummer, RS Safety Solutions on 12 May 2023