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    Stop shaking

    Vibration from hand-held power tools can cause permanent damage to the hands, wrists and arms that makes it difficult to even tie the buttons of a shirt.

    By Mary Cameron, SOCOTEC on 10 February 2021

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    Getting sound advice

    Commissioning competent technical advice on noise exposure control can be a daunting prospect, so new guidance has been published to help employers procure the help of a suitable expert.

    By Professor Kevin Bampton, BOHS on 16 February 2021

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    Measure up

    Personal noise dosimeters and sound level meters can provide a picture of noise exposure and sources within a workplace.

    By Tim Turney, Casella on 11 February 2021

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    Noise exposure: time for a new approach

    Employers should be using new cost-effective technology and techniques to prevent workers suffering permanent and disabling hearing damage from exposure to loud noise at work.

    By Peter Wilson, INVC on 02 February 2021

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    Helping disabled people to thrive at work

    Disabled people can make a huge contribution to the success of a business, so it makes sense for employers to step up their efforts to recruit, retain and develop them.

    By Diane Lightfoot, Business Disability Forum on 04 February 2021

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    Why good data is crucial for an effective wellbeing programme

    There is a tremendous wealth of evidence supporting the importance of wellbeing in the workplace, and with Covid-19 continually reshaping how we work and where we work – with significant impact on employee wellbeing – we are seeing accelerated trends in workplace wellbeing.

    By Stephen Haynes, Mates in Mind on 01 February 2021

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    Lone working: has Covid-19 changed the rules?

    The huge growth in lone and home working driven by the pandemic means greater numbers of staff could be facing a higher risk of aggression from the public and work-related stress due to isolation from colleagues.

    By Nicole Vazquez, Worthwhile Training on 04 January 2021

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    Breathe more easily

    With 12,000 people thought to be dying from occupational lung disease every year in Britain, the British Occupational Hygiene Society is urging employers to adopt good exposure controls to protect workers from harmful airborne substances.

    By Chris Keen, BOHS on 05 January 2021

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    HSE Chief Executive Sarah Albon looks back on 2020: interview

    HSE's chief executive Sarah Albon speaks to Safety Management about helping the country get through Covid, and other challenges.

    By Belinda Liversedge on 02 January 2021

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    Safety – one kilometre at a time

    Transport Corporation of India (TCI Group) was awarded the James Tye award for its brave and imaginative initiative to raise awareness of road safety in India. Safety Management finds out more about the project.

    By Belinda Liversedge on 30 November 2020