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    Best foot forward

    Safety footwear was born out of the necessity to protect workers, alongside the introduction of liability insurance and workplace safety legislation.

    By Simon Ash, HAIX on 09 September 2020

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    Buyer beware

    When purchasing or hiring a pre-owned forklift truck for use in a potentially explosive atmosphere, it is vital to check the machine is safe to use for the intended tasks and working environment.

    By Darren Boiling, Pyroban on 04 September 2020

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    Get masked up

    The increase of fake and non-compliant products and how to spot them

    By Neil Hewitt, Arco on 16 September 2020


    A slave to fashion? The campaign to reform the garment industry

    How the UK’s garment workers have been let down by the very system which claimed to protect them – and what needs to change.

    By Meg Lewis, Labour behind the label on 07 September 2020

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    Five ways to harness home working to improve wellbeing

    The government is urging more people to return to offices, tweaking its guidance in August after Boris Johnson said he wants “people to live their lives more normally”. Yet, it can be argued our office lives were neither normal nor healthy.

    By Belinda Liversedge on 25 August 2020

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    London on two wheels

    By Iris Cepero, editor on 01 September 2013

    EU-OSHA Director Christa Sedlatschek 6MED.jpg

    Interview with Dr Christa Sedlatsche

    Iris Cepero interviews Dr Christa Sedlatsche, director of the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA).

    By Iris Cepero, editor on 01 March 2013

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    The risks of keeping going

    By Iris Cepero, editor on 01 December 2012

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    Martin Temple interview

    Iris Cepero interviews Martin Temple, the new chair of the Health and Safety Executive.

    By Iris Cepero, editor on 01 December 2016

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    Judith Hackitt interview

    Iris Cepero interviews Dame Judith Hackitt, outgoing chair of the Health and Safety Executive.

    By Iris Cepero, editor on 01 May 2016