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    Two Towers With A Bridge 430 Min

    Heading for the top

    Aluminium scaffold towers can provide safe access to awkward high areas, but it’s essential they are only designed, assembled and dismantled by qualified personnel.

    By Don Aers on 16 March 2021

    DDG White Paper 4 430 Min

    Flying away from risks

    Drones could be used to safely carry out inspections of offshore wind farms, but much larger and more powerful models are needed to cope with the strong winds.

    By Robert Garbett, Drone Delivery Group on 12 March 2021

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    Let’s not fall for it

    A new charity aims to prevent deadly falls from height by encouraging research into the behavioural changes needed to make work at height safer.

    By Hannah Williams, No Falls Foundation on 26 February 2021

    3T Assembly Method

    A head for heights

    Tower scaffolds are widely used for work at height, but they must be carefully selected and only erected and used by trained and competent people.

    By Don Aers, PASMA on 26 October 2020

    Crane Collapse MED

    Bow crane collapse protest: 'Laws must change'

    Safety campaigners are calling for new health and safety legislation after a crane collapsed in Bow, East London killing an 85-year-old woman and seriously injuring a worker.

    By Belinda Liversedge on 13 July 2020


    Modus Workspace fined £1.1m after worker falls inspecting leak

    A London refurbishment company has been fined after a worker fell 3m, suffering serious injuries.

    By Belinda Liversedge on 28 May 2020

    Scaffolding Istock Credit Sturti

    More to scaffolding than meets the eye

    Scaffolding has for too long been considered by some to be a high risk, low skill trade. This could not be further from the truth.

    By David Mosley, NASC director for training on 26 February 2020

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    Train your way to the top

    A survey by the Building Safety Group, based on 10,000 site inspections conducted during the first six months of 2018, found that there has been a 13 per cent rise in the number of working from height safety breaches on construction sites.

    By Paul Bruton, WernerCo on 26 February 2020

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    How high is too high when it comes to safe working at height?

    When we spot distressing visuals of workers stranded on a wildly swinging platform at the top of a multistorey skyscraper we instantly know they are in danger. However, it is work at lower heights that often represents a major risk.

    By Russell Stuart, ZARGES on 27 October 2019

    Justice scales image iStock-183357380 (1)_no_limit_pictures.jpg

    Firm fined £65k after carpenter suffers nerve damage in fall

    The 36-year-old carpenter had been working for MP Building Limited when he sustained nerve and tissue damage to his lower back after a fall from height on 2 May 2017.

    By Belinda Liversedge on 21 October 2019