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    Diabetes at work: time for action

    Diabetes poses a serious risk to the health of workers, and there may also be safety risks if a worker suffers a ‘hypo’ during a hazardous task like operating machinery.

    By Kate Walker, the Diabetes Safety Organisation on 13 June 2022

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    Don’t overlook diabetes

    Employers have a legal duty to manage risks to people’s health and safety arising from a worker suffering diabetes.

    By Andrew Litchfield, Gowling WLG law firm on 18 August 2021

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    Dealing with diabetes

    Diabetes can pose serious health and safety risks at work, so it makes sense for employers to help their staff to effectively manage the condition, such as educating them about how diabetes can affect their ability to drive safely.

    By Kate Walker, Diabetes Safety Organisation on 05 July 2021