chemical safety

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    The air we breathe

    Poor indoor air quality in workplaces and homes is a major risk to our health, making it essential we improve our scientific knowledge of the dangers of air pollutants like chemicals.

    By Dr Julie Riggs, British Safety Council on 03 April 2022

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    HSE to investigate health risks of tattoo inks after EU ban

    HSE is to carry out a review of the risk of certain substances in tattoo inks and explore the case for introducing restrictions following a new EU ban.

    By Belinda Liversedge on 06 January 2022


    Chemical company fined £1 million after worker dies in explosion

    Chemical company, Briar Chemicals Ltd, has been fined £1million after a man died in an explosion at its site in Sweet Briar Road, Norwich.

    By Belinda Liversedge on 16 September 2021


    Lighting the way out of Covid

    Ultraviolet light is a highly effective way of disinfecting equipment and surfaces to help control the spread of the coronavirus in buildings.

    By Jarek Salek, Uvisan on 20 April 2021

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    Cancer-causing substances: what will Brexit mean?

    UK businesses may have to continue to meet any future new European Union exposure limits for carcinogenic substances at work if they are to avoid compensation claims.

    By Professor Kevin Bampton on 07 April 2021