Bruce Craig Bw

    Offshore wind turbines: managing the safety risks

    As we strive to move from reliance on fossil fuels to renewable energy, one area of crucial importance will be wind power – both onshore and offshore. However, there are some important health and safety factors and risks that must be taken into account and carefully managed by those constructing, operating and maintaining offshore wind turbines and farms.

    By Bruce Craig, Pinsent Masons on 10 June 2022

    Sue Ferns 2019 02

    Renewables: time for a big push on safety

    The UK’s renewable energy sector is set for huge growth in the coming years, but there are worrying signs its health and safety performance is lagging behind.

    By Sue Ferns, Prospect union on 22 February 2022


    Clean energy: the safety risks

    The planned transition to cleaner sources of energy like hydrogen will help us reach our climate change goals, but the safety risks must not be overlooked.

    By Paul Davidson, Dräger Marine and Offshore on 01 November 2021