Personal Protection Equipment

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    Best foot forward

    Safety footwear was born out of the necessity to protect workers, alongside the introduction of liability insurance and workplace safety legislation.

    By Simon Ash, HAIX on 09 September 2020

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    Get masked up

    The increase of fake and non-compliant products and how to spot them

    By Neil Hewitt, Arco on 16 September 2020

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    Face coverings in public: an illogical minefield

    When Matt Hancock rose to address parliament on face coverings in mid-July, it followed weeks of speculation that eventually we would all be required to cover up to shop.

    By Rhian Greaves, Pannone Corporate LLP on 31 July 2020

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    Unlock the benefits of great head protection

    Our head and the brilliantly complex brain it protects are integral to everything we do – at home and at work. 100,000 miles of blood vessels and 100 billion neurons enable our brains to breathe, think, dream, retain memories, and make around 35,000 decisions each and every day.

    By Mackenzie Peters, MSA Safety on 24 February 2020

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    Ten work at height myths debunked

    With an average of 37 worker fatalities every year due to a fall from height, it is imperative that regulations are always followed by people working at height (WAH) and when working in hazardous environments. However, ruling out several myths surrounding WAH is the first step.

    By Ken Diable, HeightSafe Systems on 07 August 2019

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    Reaching new heights

    Falls from height are one of the major causes of deaths in the workplace worldwide. It is therefore imperative to understand the different types of fall protection equipment options that can safely be used.

    By Lloyd McConkey, JSP on 29 August 2019


    Fall protection cost-cutting: a step too far?

    Any work at height carries risk. Preventing accidents from falls relies on all stakeholders using an informed, joined-up approach to practices and systems.

    By James Sainsbury, MSA Safety on 23 July 2019

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    Get a grip

    Employers need to provide workers with effective hand protection solutions when doing manual handling.

    By Gregory Tessier on the best gloves for manual handling tasks on 10 May 2019


    Is this an end to orchestras as we know them?

    The recent conclusions of Goldscheider v the Royal Opera House shook the foundations of the entertainment industry earlier this year.

    By James Lewis on 13 December 2018

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    Bet your boots

    Slips and trips are the leading cause of major injuries in the workplace in the UK, comprising almost one in three of injuries reported under RIDDOR, and forming a significant part of the workplace-injury cost of £5.3 billion a year.

    By Stuart Thorne, U-Power on 11 September 2018