Lone workers

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    Keeping utility workers safe: alarm monitoring technology is key

    Utility workers out in the field maintaining our electrical and gas supply networks can be at risk of accidents and aggression from the public, making it vital to have the right technology for raising the alarm and identifying their location.

    By Rebecca Pick, Pick Protection on 12 May 2023

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    The camera never lies

    Body worn cameras are increasingly being issued to staff at risk of violence and aggression, providing both a visible deterrent to potential aggressors and a means of reassurance to vulnerable employees.

    By Chris Allcard, Reliance Protect on 02 May 2023

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    Lone working: the monitoring options

    There are several ways of responding to and monitoring the emergency alerts sent by lone worker personal alarms, including some cost-saving options.

    By Rebecca Pick, Pick Protection on 19 October 2021

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    Lone working: has Covid-19 changed the rules?

    The huge growth in lone and home working driven by the pandemic means greater numbers of staff could be facing a higher risk of aggression from the public and work-related stress due to isolation from colleagues.

    By Nicole Vazquez, Worthwhile Training on 04 January 2021

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    General election candidates told ‘do not canvass alone’ by police

    General election candidates have been issued today with police guidance on keeping safe on the campaign trail, and how to respond if they experience abuse or intimidation.

    By Belinda Liversedge on 15 November 2019

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    Lone but safe on the job

    Lone working is on the increase and employers must ensure they assess the risks involved and properly train and equip their staff to keep them as safe as possible.

    By Measures to protect lone workers, by Matthew Napier, Hytera Communications on 31 October 2018