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    A back to basics approach to waste minimisation

    Just 24 hours after the airing of the BBC War on Plastic programme on 19 June there already was some negative feedback on social media regarding inaccuracy, hidden agenda and misleading information.

    By Dr Dawn Pope on 21 August 2019


    Earth Day: Three facts about climate change that everybody should know

    We are amidst the largest period of species extinction in the last 60 million years. Normally, between one and five species will go extinct annually.

    By on 23 April 2019

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    Shared goals

    Businesses are signing up to an ambitious agenda to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

    By UN's Sustainable Development Goals are focusing business leaders' minds, says Keith Whitehead on 31 January 2019

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    ‘We cannot waste more time on climate change’, UN summit says

    Almost 200 nations began talks today to define how the 2015 Paris Agreement will be implemented in order to prevent the most destructive impacts of global warming.

    By Belinda Liversedge on 03 December 2018

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    New focuses hint at 'demanding' year for HSE

    Brexit, renewables and slavery were three new focuses that featured in HSE’s annual reports and accounts for the year 2017/18, its annual update on its finances and actions taken to regulate the health and safety system.

    By Belinda Liversedge on 17 September 2018

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    Winds of change

    The UK has the best wind resources in the world and could run entirely on renewables by 2050. But will capricious government policy help or hinder progress?

    By Will the UK ever catch up in the renewables race? Belinda Liversedge finds out on 28 September 2018

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    You and me, and everyone we know

    Addressing the environmental problems that the globe faces is absolutely vital to our existence on the planet and requires the cooperation of governments, corporations and individuals.

    By Rex Baker on 31 July 2018

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    Employers urged to protect outdoor workers in the hot weather

    As temperatures are set to soar to 30 degrees in parts of the UK this week, the TUC is urging bosses to make sure that any staff working outdoors are protected from the sun and the heat.

    By British Safety Council on 25 June 2018