Electrical safety

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    Let’s make digging even safer

    LSBUD, a free portal that allows users, including contractors, construction companies and the public, to search for underground pipes and cables to avoid dangerous utility strikes, is proving more popular than ever.

    By Richard Broome, LSBUD on 18 July 2022

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    Putting safety in everyone’s hands

    National Grid Metering’s gas engineers are empowered to stop work at any point on safety grounds, helping the company achieve a full year without a single lost-time injury.

    By Chris Cleveland, National Grid Metering on 20 April 2021


    Digging safely

    A free service exists so those carrying out excavation work can check for potentially dangerous underground cables and pipes.

    By Richard Broome, LSBUD on 05 October 2020

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    Don’t get your fingers burned

    Every year many accidents are reported at work involving electricity. Portable appliance testing (PAT) can help employers remain compliant and keep their workplaces safe.

    By Darren Bakewell, Seaward Electronic on 25 June 2019

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    Marathon Oil fined £1.16m for Boxing Day gas blast

    The UK arm of American-owned Marathon Oil has been fined over £1m after a corroded pipe burst on its North Sea platform, 250 kilometres north-east off the coast of Aberdeen.

    By Belinda Liversedge on 30 May 2019