Drugs and alcohol

    Oral Fluid Testing In Hazardous Workplaces 2

    Testing times

    New research shows a majority of workers would be happy to be tested for drugs and alcohol at work to keep everyone safe, and developments in oral fluid testing kits mean the process is now faster and less invasive.

    By Ian Gil-Rodriguez, Draeger Safety UK on 18 January 2023

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    Alcohol and the workplace – the hidden threat to employee wellbeing

    Starting conversations at work about the health risks posed by excessive alcohol consumption can bring benefits – not just for the wellbeing of employees but the organisation’s productivity and safety standards.

    By Jane Gardiner, Alcohol Change UK on 02 December 2022

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    Over the limit

    The misuse of drugs and alcohol in the workplace is becoming an increasing area of concern.

    By Suzannah Robin, AlcoDigital on 30 November 2018