Managing Personal Safety and Security

This practical and interactive workshop provides managers with the tools to develop effective policies and procedures, and provide appropriate training for staff that may be at risk.

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Managing Personal Safety and Security

This practical and interactive workshop provides managers with the tools to develop effective policies and procedures, and provide appropriate training for staff that may be at risk.

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Work related violence and aggression is defined as ‘any incident in which a person is abused, threatened or assaulted in circumstances relating to their work’ and can and does occur in all walks of life.

Certain job roles are more likely to encounter conflict and subsequent aggression. These may include customer facing roles, security and guarding, assessing for or removing a service/goods, dealing with cash, interacting with people under the influence of drugs/alcohol or with mental health issues.

Managers need to ensure that they are fulfilling both their legal and moral obligations to their staff. Those who are responsible for the personal safety and security of others may need assistance with understanding the causes of aggression and how to put in place effective controls to fulfil both their legal and business requirements.

Why choose the British Safety Council?

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    We are one of the world’s leading health and safety organisations

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    Our tutors are experienced in managing work-related violence and aggression risks and are also great facilitators

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    No 'death by PowerPoint' – this workshop is student-centred, interactive and outcome-based

Who would take this course?

Anyone who is responsible for managing the personal safety and security of employees or volunteers or who may be asked for their input when developing policies, risk assessments or procedures to manage personal safety and security risks within their organisation.

Most common job titles of students

Senior manager
Line manager
Team leader
HR professional
Security professional
Volunteer co-ordinator
H&S professional
Union representative

It was really well worthwhile. It helped us think more about how to see off potentially tricky situations before they arise, and also which areas of the events, and the security relating to them, perhaps need a bit more work. Hopefully we can work with the rest of the events team over the next few weeks and put some of the ideas into action!
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Learning outcomes

Core Knowledge

Upon completion of the core knowledge element of the workshop, learners will:

  • Have a clear understanding of the legislation that governs personal safety and security at work and sets out responsibilities of employers and employees
  • Be able to use a simple risk assessment tool to identify, assess and measure the risk of work-related violence and aggression and personal safety and security incidents
  • Be able to use a framework to develop proactive and best practice risk control measures to reduce the potential for work-related violence and aggression
  • Understand ways to embed personal safety and security as part of an organisation’s ethos and culture.

To tailor the full-day training we can add up to two modules of between 1.5 and 3 hours each (depending on the breadth and depth of knowledge required and specific topic content). Note: We will need to discuss the additional modules required with the client prior to agreeing the full-day workshop content.

Additional Modules

  • Producing effective personal safety and security policies and procedures
  • Developing an effective personal safety and security training provision within you organisation
  • How to implement effective ‘Warning Markers’ within the legal framework of the GDPR
  • Using safety devices and systems for managing personal safety and security risks
  • Addressing staff behaviours that could contribute to conflict and the potential for aggression
  • Establishing emergency procedures for violent or aggressive situations.

How can I study?

This workshop is best delivered in a full-day with a ‘core knowledge’ element and additional modules chosen to suit the specific needs of the client.

If necessary, we can deliver the half-day ‘core knowledge’ workshop only.

In your workplace


We can visit your workplace and deliver this half-day course on a date of your choice – an effective way of training a group of people as it saves on travel costs and allows participants to keep in touch with work.

Why in your workplace?

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    Cost-effective option for a group of managers

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    Discussions can be company-specific

  • Policy-and-opinion-white-359x202.png

    Opportunity to share concerns and ideas and work on solutions during the day

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    Expert advice from an independent practitioner

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